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Liquid quantitative filling machine and commodity net content

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  Liquid quantitative filling machine is an important measuring instrument for filling various quantitative packaging products. It is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food hygiene and other industries. In order to protect the legitimate interests of consumers, the net content of quantitative packaging products needs to be reliable and accurate. The basis of measurement technology.

Liquid quantitative filling machine and commodity net content

  At present, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the accelerated pace of life in our country, the demand for quantitatively packaged goods is also increasing. While domestic manufacturers of quantitative filling machines for liquid materials are increasing rapidly, a large number of different types of filling machine products manufactured abroad have also entered the Chinese market. For the technical indicators of various types of filling machines, especially the accuracy of filling volume Higher requirements were put forward. In order to adapt to market demand, improve the quality measurement management of quantitatively packaged goods in the market, and protect the rights and interests of consumers, the source of its filling volume - the production and measurement supervision of liquid material filling machines, etc., the former AQSIQ The company and the National Flow Capacity Measurement Technical Committee revised the original verification procedure, and the revised JJG687-2008 "Liquid Material Quantitative Filling Machine" verification procedure was implemented in March 2009. Regular inspections are carried out by legal metrology inspection agencies based on items such as appearance, filling capacity, filling pass rate, and identification.

Liquid quantitative filling machine and commodity net content

  Article 5 of the "Measurement Supervision and Administration of Quantitatively Packaged Commodities" stipulates: "The producers and sellers of quantitatively packaged commodities should correctly and clearly mark the net content of quantitatively packaged commodities in a prominent position on their commodity packaging." National regulations make such The regulations not only restrain producers and sellers, but also play a role in regulating the market and educating producers and sellers to abide by the law. At the same time, when consumers buy products that do not meet the marked net content, they can exercise their requirements to replace them according to law. , the right to return or compensate for losses, so as to establish a strong social supervision and restriction mechanism, prevent market fraud and unfair quantitative packaging commodity transactions, and maintain the normal market economic order. Therefore, when netizens see the following content on the short video platform, don’t blindly believe and be too anxious. The measuring instruments used in the video must pass the inspection and have a certain capacity tolerance, which cannot objectively show the true net content of the product. .

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