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Frequently asked questions and solutions for automatic blister packaging machines

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  Automatic blister packaging machine is a general term for producing plastic products by blister technology and packaging products with corresponding equipment. Blister products mainly use high-quality flocking, PVC, PET, PP, PS, GAG and other plastic materials to produce high-grade and various specifications of blister packaging for electronics, stationery, toys, hardware, food, daily Packaging for gifts, handicrafts, etc.

Frequently asked questions and solutions for automatic blister packaging machines

  Frequently asked questions and solutions for automatic blister packaging machines:

  1. What is the crystal point? How to solve the problem?

  The crystal point is a point on the blister packaging material, which will seriously affect the appearance of the blister packaging product. The quality problem comes from the sheet material supplier. The reason for this is that there are sundries mixed in the sheet during production. In the material, the solution is to inspect the sheet before producing the blister packaging product.

  2. How is the uneven thickness caused? How to solve this problem?

  There are the most common factors for uneven thickness, such as shelf, sheet, temperature, etc. It is very important to adjust the position when pressing the blister packaging products on the shelves. If there is any misalignment or unreasonable placement, uneven thickness will occur.

Frequently asked questions and solutions for automatic blister packaging machines

  What has something to do with the sheet is that the thickness of the sheet was not adjusted properly during the production process, which led to such quality problems. The temperature adjustment is also directly related, and the corresponding temperature should be adjusted according to different molds and different materials, otherwise unevenness will appear. The solution is to pay attention to the adjustment of the position of the shelf, the condition of the sheet, the negotiation of the supplier, and the temperature adjustment to the suitability of the sheet and the mold.

  3. What is the cable? How did it cause it? How to solve it?

  The pull line is a protruding line on the side of the product that seriously affects the appearance of the package. The reason for the formation is: related to the structural manufacture of the blister mold, the controllable operation of the blister molding machine, temperature adjustment, Listing has a lot to do with it. The solution is the quality control of the mold, the adjustment of machine and temperature parameters, and extrusion on the shelf.

Frequently asked questions and solutions for automatic blister packaging machines

  4. What are water ripples and bubbles? How are they caused? How to solve them?

  Water ripples and bubbles are watermarks and bubbles on the surface of the material. Such blister products will directly affect the appearance of the packaged items and reduce the appearance of the packaged items. The generation of water ripples is related to the speed of film production. Bubbles are caused by the high temperature during sheet production, or the mixed production of sheets, or the infiltration of air during sheet production. Materials with bubbles will cause perforation and deformation of blister packaging products, and become defective products. Solve the problem The method is that when the material is purchased or before production, the quality of the sheet must be observed before storage or production.

  5. What is the scratch? How did this quality problem result? How to solve it?

  Scratches are scratches on the surface of blister products after they are produced, which is also a frequent problem in the quality of blister factories. The reason for this is that in the production process, there are many manual processes, which are easy to collide and cause friction. The operation mode of the packaging personnel is the most critical link.

Frequently asked questions and solutions for automatic blister packaging machines

  The solution is to handle the product with care, keep the workbench clean and hygienic, and the staff wear gloves and other related matters, which can also effectively prevent the occurrence of scratches. Blister packaging products have many manual processes, so close attention must be paid to each link in order to avoid the occurrence of defective products.

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