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GST injection molded parts automatic water cutting port

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  The automatic nozzle cutting machine for injection molded parts is developed according to the requirements of plastic and backlight film factory customers. In the current market, some machine nozzles use cold cutting, but acrylic will crack when it is cold cut, and it must be cut flat. If it does not crack, it must be cut eagerly, and the knife must be prevented from sticking, so we deliberately made this automatic water cutting machine that is closely matched with the manipulator after a long test and research and development; the machine is a vertical machine, which matches the height of the injection molding machine and the position of the manipulator. , the machine is turned on to set the temperature cut-off required by the product. When the robot takes out the product, it is put into the positioning jig of our water-cut machine. When the jig senses that there is a product, it will be positioned, and the position will be moved to the position of the water cut. , the water outlet mechanism comes down and starts to cut the water outlet, the water outlet mechanism rises after the water outlet is finished, the nozzle is brought up, the product fixture is returned to the original position, the water outlet mechanism puts the nozzle into the nozzle basin, and the automatic manipulator of the water outlet machine rotates 180 degrees to turn the finished product Take it out, rotate it back and put it on the assembly line, and the jig will wait for the next incoming material; the cut out products are flat, not cracked, and have no fingerprints, high quality, and less personnel, especially to meet the high requirements of customers.

GST injection molded parts automatic water cutting port

  This machine can be used for both cold cutting and hot cutting. Each product requires a jig, and the cutter needs to be adjusted for different products. It can also cut the nozzles of other products. It is highly versatile and affordable.

  Technical parameters of injection molded parts automatic water cutting machine:

       1. Vertical structure, PLC control, simple operation interface, language Chinese; 

       2. guide rail guide, stable operation and long service life;

  3. Adopt independent buffer air path positioning to ensure stable positioning;

  4. The surface of the machine is treated to make the machine beautiful and generous;

GST injection molded parts automatic water cutting port

  5. The machine cutter is cleaned regularly to make the machine clean and tidy;

  6. The whole machine is equipped with safety protection device;

  7. Cylinders and solenoid valves are made of Taiwan AirTAC, and electrical appliances are made of Omron;

  8. Voltage: 220VAC Air pressure: 0.4-0.6MPA;

  9. Work efficiency with manipulator, size: L600*W500*H1500

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