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Types and technical requirements of automatic filling machines

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  For practitioners in the pharmaceutical and food industries, automatic filling machines are very common equipment. Why do these industries use automatic filling machines? This is due to the shape of the product and the impact on the product during the production process. Cleanliness requirements, first talk about the shape of the product.

Types and technical requirements of automatic filling machines

  Most of the medicines or foods are for human consumption, because they have high requirements for health, so the corresponding cleanliness is also very high, this is not the main thing, the main thing is to prevent secondary pollution, so the production of these industries Most of the process adopts relatively advanced automatic production, which can effectively reduce human intervention and completely eliminate pollution.

  I didn’t know much about this industry before. Although the company also has some equipment for the food industry, they are all made by colleagues. , so as to have a new understanding of the food field. Some things are watched by others. It is one thing, and it is another time to do it yourself. Let me talk about the relevant technical requirements.

  There are many classifications of filling machines, which are divided according to the state of the items to be filled. There are several types of fluid filling, powder filling, particle filling, etc. Single fluid and viscosity are different. There are too many subdivisions here. On the contrary, it is easy to confuse the audience, and basically boils down to liquid, semi-liquid, and solid states, and basically all of them can be processed by filling machines.

Types and technical requirements of automatic filling machines

  Another subdivision method is also very representative. It is divided according to whether it is quantitatively filled or not. Most of them are quantitative, especially drugs. Basically, it must be quantified, and there are many disadvantages of overdose.

  Correspondingly, there are also indeterminate ones. For example, dumpling stuffing in food and glue filling in industry, these are not quantitative. They are simply defined by time or volume. A little more or a little less has no effect.

  There are several types of quantitative control filling. One is fluid, which can be equipped with a flow valve to read data to control the filling process. Some use pressure to control the filling volume, and the quantity is relatively large. There is another is defined in terms of quantitative volume containers.

  The fuzzy control is also widely used. For example, hot water overflow is to control the water volume by the height of the water level. As long as a flow mouth is set at a fixed height, when the water level rises to the flow mouth, the increase will not increase. It will flow out, thereby always maintaining the height of the water level and the surplus of water.

Types and technical requirements of automatic filling machines

  The filling method uses gravity and compression filling, which can save the power source, but the stability is greatly affected by the capacity. The common air pressure quantitative filling is widely used, which is pushed by the piston method of air pressure volume The method of filling has formed a standardized system.

  In addition, vacuum filling is used, the most typical one is the filling of beer and carbonated beverages, because there are a lot of air bubbles inside, the filling head must be inserted into the bottom of the bottle, rise with the liquid level, and be in the bottle. Filling with negative pressure can effectively prevent the generation of air bubbles, so that the quantitative can be more accurate.

  The filling will cause corrosion of the equipment because of the consideration of liquid and other reasons. The stainless steel material is used for every move. When steel is not available, the food-grade non-metal can be selected. These can be maximized. Reduce pollution.

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