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Tips for using automatic packaging machines

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  The automatic packaging machine is a machine that packs the product, which plays the role of protection and beauty. The automatic packaging machine adopts advanced PLC + photoelectric system + Chinese and English operation screen, which can automatically complete counting, bag making, filling, sealing, counting, and other processes. The automatic packaging machine is a combined packaging equipment, part of which is a counting and filling part, equipped with one to three vibrating plate feeders.

Tips for using automatic packaging machines

  1. Before starting the automatic counting and packaging machine, first observe whether there is any abnormality around the machine.

  2. When the automatic counting and packaging machine is in operation, do not put your body, hands and head close to or touch the running parts.

  3. Do not magically seal hands and tools into the knife holder.

  4. When the automatic packaging machine is running, do not switch the operation button frequently, two or more people operate the automatic packaging machine at the same time, turn on the power when repairing and maintaining, and the machine works at super high speed for a long time. These are all incorrect Operation method. Improper operation methods will cause damage to the machine or shorten the service life.

Tips for using automatic packaging machines

  The automatic packaging machine adopts the form of vertical back-sealed bags. The packaging materials are aligned by the pocket former through the tension guide mechanism, and then sealed vertically and horizontally to form bags. The materials are fed by vibrating discs, counted by optical brazing, and then filled into the bags. Then, The pocket is pulled by the paper roller, the next bag is longer, and the heat sealer performs the sealing action again, sealing the upper opening of the previous pocket, and at the same time completing the sealing of the bottom and longitudinal sides of the next pocket, and the sealing is done by the cutter The filled and sealed bag is cut off at the correct lane sealing position to make the finished package, and the packaging operation is completed in this cycle.

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