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What are the advantages of non-standard automation equipment?

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  At present, there are dozens of non-standard automation equipment system integrators in domestic smart factories, but the scale of enterprises is generally small. The main reason is that enterprises must fully understand the industry, customer needs and manufacturing processes in order to do a good job in customized development. It is difficult to achieve rapid scale expansion and development like standardized products, so the scale is generally small.

What are the advantages of non-standard automation equipment?

  Let me tell you about the advantages of GST's non-standard automation equipment compared with traditional equipment.

  1. Reduce costs

  In the manufacturing industry, equipment is the most important part of production. Having good production equipment can not only reduce the cost burden of the factory, achieve the purpose of cost reduction and increase efficiency, but also facilitate the operation of the staff.

  2. Reduce accidents

  Employees can directly operate machinery through the display screen, so the probability of employees being accidentally injured by equipment is naturally reduced.

  3. Customization

  One of the biggest advantages of non-standard automation equipment is that it can customize different equipment according to the different needs of different customers, which reflects the advantage of "flexibility" of non-standard automation equipment.

What are the advantages of non-standard automation equipment?

  4. Improve production efficiency

  Non-standard automation equipment adopts different processes and technologies. When customizing for customers, it can improve the technology for the production of a certain product, so as to achieve efficient capacity utilization. Especially for some large enterprises, there will be some urgent or large-volume orders in the whole production process. At this time, whether the enterprise has high-efficiency production capacity is particularly important. Therefore, enterprises can use intelligent production lines transformation to improve efficiency.

  5. Unified and coordinated management of the production chain of the enterprise

  In the traditional mechanical processing production steps, it is difficult to achieve a unified management method, but the transformation of non-standard production lines can make up for this, forming a unified management production chain, which will help the company's production efficiency to reach a higher standard, thereby Increase production capacity.

What are the advantages of non-standard automation equipment?

  With the advent of the era of Industry 4.0, production equipment and technology research and development are moving closer to intelligence and automation; GST has been focusing on providing customers with non-standard automation equipment design, manufacturing, assembly, testing and after-sales integrated services since its establishment. Work together for the era of industrialization 4.0 intelligent construction.

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