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Why do automation equipment need air source treatment?

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  Automation equipment is inseparable from electricity and gas. As we all know, almost every piece of automation equipment will have a design/installation of air source treatment devices. So why do air source treatment?

Why do automation equipment need air source treatment?

  1. Reasons for air source treatment

  There will be a lot of water, oil and other pollutants in the pneumatic system that will affect the normal work of the pneumatic system.

  The viscosity of the deteriorated oil increases, and gradually solidifies from a liquid state to a tar-like substance. It will deteriorate and age rubber and plastic materials; the tar-like substances accumulated in the aftercooler and dryer will reduce its working efficiency; block the small holes and affect the performance of the components; cause the relative moving parts in the pneumatic components to move incorrectly Flexible; Aqueous solutions of tar-like substances are acidic and can rust metals, environment and products.

  Moisture will cause corrosion and rust of pipes and metal parts, causing spring failure or fracture; in cold regions and high-speed flow areas in components, due to low temperature, moisture will freeze, resulting in poor operation of components, freezing or cracking of pipes; Condensed water retained in pipes and components will lead to insufficient flow, increased pressure loss, and even valve failure; condensed water mixed into lubricating oil will deteriorate lubricating oil; liquid water will wash away lubricating grease, resulting in poor lubrication .

Why do automation equipment need air source treatment?

  2. Air source processing components

  What are one piece, two pieces, and three pieces?

  One piece: One piece only has a pressure reducing valve. It can't handle the air source, it can only adjust the air pressure. (By the way, there are many brothers who only know triplets)

  Two pieces: In the pneumatic transmission system, the filtration degree is generally 50-75μm, the pressure adjustment range is 0.5-10Mpa, if the filtration accuracy is 5-10μm, 10-20μm, 25-40μm, and the pressure adjustment is 0.05-0.3Mpa , 0.05-1Mpa Two large pieces connected without pipes are called two pieces. The two pieces include an air filter and a pressure reducing valve. Some brands of solenoid valves and cylinders can achieve oil-free lubrication (lubrication function is realized by grease), so there is no need to use a lubricator.

  Triple piece: that is F.R.L. In pneumatic technology, the air filter (F), pressure reducing valve (R) and lubricator (L) are assembled together as three air source processing components, which are called pneumatic triple pieces. The air source of the pneumatic instrument is purified, filtered and decompressed to the rated air source pressure supplied by the instrument, which is equivalent to the function of the power transformer in the circuit.

Why do automation equipment need air source treatment?

  3. What is the difference between the three?

  The composition is different: the triple piece includes an air filter, pressure reducing valve and lubricator; the double piece includes an air filter, a pressure reducing valve; the single piece only has a pressure reducing valve.

  The functions are not exactly the same: the triple unit can lubricate the moving parts of the body, but the first unit does not have this function; the triple unit and the double unit can clean the gas, but the first unit does not have this function.

  The use environment and service life are not exactly the same: in some occasions, the presence of oil mist in the compressed air cannot be allowed, and a triple piece is required, and the lubricator can lubricate the moving parts of the body, and can lubricate the parts that are inconvenient to add lubricating oil. Greatly extend the life of the body.

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