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Maintenance skills of automation equipment

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  In industrial production, a large number of automation equipment are widely used. As we all know, some failures will inevitably occur during the use of equipment, so how should we carry out daily maintenance and maintenance of automation equipment? Let me share with you some information about automation equipment Maintenance tips.

Maintenance skills of automation equipment

  Maintenance content generally includes daily maintenance, regular maintenance, regular inspection and precision inspection, equipment lubrication and antifreeze, anti-condensation system maintenance is also an important content of equipment maintenance; daily maintenance of equipment is the basic work of equipment maintenance, must Be institutionalized and standardized. The regular maintenance of equipment is a planned preventive inspection. In addition to human senses, the means of inspection must also have certain inspection tools and instruments. According to the regular inspection plan, regular inspection is also called regular spot inspection. : The equipment should also be checked for accuracy to determine the actual accuracy of the equipment.

  Automation equipment, especially some non-standard automation equipment, generally has various problems during its production process or trial. Staying in the production process for a long time, the use time of non-standard automation equipment will become shorter, therefore, it is necessary to carry out more maintenance and maintenance work in normal times. The detection work can be started from the following aspects:

  1. Use an instrument to check whether there is any rust or other problems in the equipment due to moisture.

  2. To test the pressure transmission, it is also necessary to test the sensor and observe whether the receiving line of the electric control valve is worn or even falls off.

  3. Create a set of reasonable maintenance methods based on non-standard automation equipment, so that the level of inspection and maintenance can be greatly improved.

Maintenance skills of automation equipment

  Caring for equipment by general methods such as wiping, cleaning, lubricating, and adjusting to maintain and protect the performance and technical status of the equipment is called equipment maintenance.

  Cleaning: The inside and outside of the equipment is clean, the sliding surfaces are free of oil, and there is no oil leakage or air leakage in each part. The chips, sundries and dirt around the equipment should be cleaned;

  Neatness: tools, accessories, and workpieces (products) should be placed neatly, and pipes and lines should be organized;

  Good lubrication: add oil or change oil on time, keep oiling, no dry friction, normal air pressure, bright oil mark, smooth oil passage, oil quality meets requirements, oil gun, oil cup, and linoleum are clean;

  Safety: Comply with the safety operation regulations, do not use the equipment overloaded, the safety protection devices of the equipment are complete and reliable, and eliminate unsafe factors in time.

Maintenance skills of automation equipment

  4. Maintenance precautions for equipment failures

  Through the operator's attention and inspection, hidden dangers can be discovered and eliminated in time, and sudden safety accidents caused by mechanical failure can be prevented. For the problems found in the inspection, put forward suggestions for repair or improvement. When the equipment breaks down, the equipment failure should be reported for repair in time, and safety production should always be put in the first place, so as to avoid the injury caused by the operation of the equipment when the equipment breaks down, and pay attention to clearly understand the main reasons for the failure of the mechanical and electrical equipment, After the failure problem occurs, it can be solved in a timely and effective manner without affecting the normal use of the equipment, preventing unnecessary losses in the production of the enterprise, and better promoting the maintenance and management of electromechanical equipment.

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