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Classification and characteristics of packaging machinery automation production line

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  The packaging process of the automated production line includes main processes such as filling, wrapping, and sealing, as well as related pre- and post-processes, such as cleaning, feeding, stacking, and disassembly, etc. In addition, packaging also includes processes such as measuring or printing the date on the package. The use of packaging machinery to package products can increase productivity, reduce labor intensity, meet the needs of large-scale production, and meet the requirements of cleanliness and sanitation.

Classification and characteristics of packaging machinery automation production line

  Classification of packaging machinery automation assembly line:

  1. According to the connection characteristics between packaging machines, it can be divided into:

  Rigid automatic packaging line refers to a production line in which packaging machines are directly connected by conveying devices and packaging operations are completed at a certain production pace. This production line has a disadvantage, that is, all machines work at the same rhythm, and if a failure occurs in a certain production link, it will cause the entire production line to stop.

  The flexible automatic packaging line is equipped with a storage device between each packaging machine, and is sent to the next packaging process by the conveying device as needed. In this way, the defects of the rigid packaging automatic production line are overcome. Even if a certain packaging machine fails, it will not affect the packaging operations of other packaging machines.

  The semi-flexible automatic packaging line divides the automatic production line into several sections, and does not add storage devices to the sections that are not prone to failure to improve its rigidity; add storage devices to the sections that often fail to improve its flexibility. It not only ensures the productivity, but also reduces the investment.

Classification and characteristics of packaging machinery automation production line

  2. According to the combined layout of the packaging machine, it can be divided into:

  The automatic packaging lines are connected in series, each packaging machine is connected in one direction according to the process flow, and the production rhythm of each stand-alone machine is the same. The structure of this kind of assembly line is relatively simple, and the layout is relatively compact, requiring that the operating speed of each packaging machine is relatively consistent.

  Parallel automatic packaging lines, divide the equipment with the same packaging function into groups, and jointly complete the same packaging operation until all the tasks of material packaging are completed. In this type of assembly line, it is generally necessary to add a reversing or converging device.

  The hybrid automatic packaging line adopts both series and parallel forms on one production line. The main purpose is to balance the production rhythm of each packaging machine and realize the productivity matching of each packaging machine. However, this often makes the packaging automatic production line longer and the number of machines is larger, so the types of conveying, reversing, shunting, merging and other devices are also complicated.

Classification and characteristics of packaging machinery automation production line

  Features of automatic assembly line for packaging machinery:

  1. Packaging automation: The degree of automation is an important indicator to measure the level of packaging equipment and technology. At present, IT technology, advanced automation machinery, and intelligent detection, control, and adjustment devices have been introduced into logistics packaging, thereby promoting the development of automatic packaging lines. .

  2. The complete set of equipment is strong: the single machine or unit with different functions and auxiliary equipment are matched into a continuous operation line, and the sealing, weighing, palletizing, transportation, cleaning and sterilization, measurement, labeling, printing and testing in modern production are integrated. Combined with functions such as transfer and transportation to form a complete set of operation lines.

Classification and characteristics of packaging machinery automation production line

  3. Strong versatility: users may have different requirements in terms of material characteristics, weighing accuracy, wrapping, sealing, etc., but many actions are the same or similar, but the size is different. Therefore, the generalization of packaging automatic production lines can improve the utilization value of packaging automatic production lines.

  4. High technical content: The combination of high-tech and traditional technology improves the working quality, precision, speed and reliability of the automatic packaging production line, and promotes the development of the packaging production line in the direction of intelligence and high automation. For example, computer control technology is applied to Realize accurate metering, high-speed filling and automatic control of packaging process for quantitative packaging of materials.

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