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Debugging steps of automatic double-sided labeling machine

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  Fully automatic double-sided labeling machine is a multi-functional labeling machine, suitable for double-sided or single-sided labeling of square or flat products. It has the characteristics of simple adjustment and wide application range. It only needs a small amount of adjustment to complete the conversion between objects of various specifications. The layout of the labeling station is simple and reasonable, and the speed is stable. The double pressure roller structure ensures the tension of the label and avoids the phenomenon of label breaking caused by die-cutting damage to the backing paper. The range clutch makes the tension more balanced. It is controlled by an advanced and friendly independent man-machine interface, and the operating parameters can be stored and recalled. The man-machine interface displays any abnormal conditions and guides troubleshooting. The operation is simple, anyone can easily operate and quickly use this device.

Debugging steps of automatic double-sided labeling machine

  The labeling workflow of the automatic double-sided labeling machine is as follows: the product is loaded manually (or conveyed by the upper conveyor belt) → conveyed by the plate chain conveyor belt → material distribution → the shaping mechanism corrects the arrangement of the product → pressing the belt →Electric eye detection→The label feeder mechanism receives the electric eye signal to send the label→The label is quickly sent to the position on the product that needs to be labeled→Pressing the label→The finished product is output through the plate chain conveyor belt.

  The debugging steps of the automatic double-sided labeling machine.

  The adjustment steps of the automatic double-sided labeling machine are as follows:

Debugging steps of automatic double-sided labeling machine

  1. Adjustment of the belt pressing mechanism, the height of the pressing belt is adjusted to be 3mm lower than the product to be pasted.

  2. Adjustment of the shaping mechanism, the forming belt is centered on the pressing belt, the width of the pressing belt is just enough to clamp the bottle mouth, and the height is adjusted to the center of gravity of the workpiece.

  3. Adjust the electric eyes of the measuring object. For square products, the vertical angular distance between the electric eyes is about 3mm. For curved products, the tangential distance between the electric eye and the angle is about 3mm.

  4. Adjustment of the header, adjust the angle of the header so that it forms a cutting angle with the pasted workpiece, the distance is 3-5 mm, and the marking plate is vertically parallel to the pasted workpiece.

Debugging steps of automatic double-sided labeling machine

  5. Double-head alignment, aligning the front and back sides with the position on the opposite side of the target board, as described above.

  6. In the bidding test, the standard length is 2-5 mm longer than the standard board, and the deviation of the stop position for each test is not more than 0.2 mm.

  7. Adjust the side rails so that the bottles are conveyed to the centrally located forming mechanism.

  8. Try labeling.

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