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GST Automatic Packaging Machine-Condiment Automatic Packaging Machine

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  GST automatic packaging machine custom manufacturer will talk to you about the condiment automatic packaging machine today! If you want to make delicious dishes with excellent fragrance, condiments are essential. In addition to traditional salt, soy sauce, chicken essence, sugar, spices, and other condiments, compound condiments and hot pot condiments are gradually becoming the "new favorites" of families and the entire catering industry, entering the leading market.

GST Automatic Packaging Machine-Condiment Automatic Packaging Machine

  There are many kinds of condiments with different structural states, so how to automatically package powdery, granular and sauce-like condiments?

  Powder product packaging equipment is suitable for packaging powder materials, such as flour, seasoning powder, milk powder, glucose, additives and other powders.

  The equipment is linked with the screw metering machine to complete the metering and packaging of powder products. In the packaging, spiral feeding and light control technology are used. For materials with uneven specific gravity, it can be equipped with a double-headed screw for automatic filling, automatically adjust the measurement error, and ensure higher weighing accuracy. The automatic dust removal technology makes the bag seal better and the appearance of the bag cleaner.

  Granular product packaging equipment is suitable for the packaging of granular materials, such as chicken essence, granular barbecue ingredients, sugar, salt, etc.

GST Automatic Packaging Machine-Condiment Automatic Packaging Machine

  This equipment is suitable for a variety of bag types, with high-speed packaging functions, high hygiene standards, corrosion resistance, and long service life of the equipment. PLC touch screen control, stable and reliable operation. It can be linked with electronic weighing scales, bucket elevators and other equipment to complete the automatic measurement and packaging of granular products. Mechanical maintenance, easy maintenance, self-diagnosis function, reducing maintenance costs.

  Sauce body product packaging equipment is aimed at the packaging of sauce body materials, such as compound seasoning sauce, hot pot base, bean paste, tomato sauce, hot pot dipping sauce, etc.

  This equipment is linked with the sauce metering and filling machine to complete the metering and packaging of sauce products. For special proportioning requirements, a double filling system can be used for proportioning filling, and the material tank can also be equipped with a heat preservation device to ensure that the material is filled at a high temperature. The parts on the GST sauce packaging machine that are in contact with materials and packaging bags are all processed with materials that meet food hygiene requirements to ensure food hygiene and safety.

GST Automatic Packaging Machine-Condiment Automatic Packaging Machine

  The automatic packaging machine of GST non-standard automation equipment customization manufacturer is matched with various measuring instruments to complete single-category/multi-category packaging. It can carry out full-automatic packaging work such as feeding, measuring, filling, dust removal, sealing, counting, packing, checking, sealing, palletizing, etc. At the same time, it can configure printing production date, batch number and other functions according to customer requirements. The whole process of packaging does not require manual operation, which effectively improves production efficiency, saves labor costs and management costs, and greatly reduces costs.

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