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How to choose a suitable automatic packaging machine?

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  Packaging machines are one of the most widely used equipment for mechanical automation in my country. Facing countless packaging machine brands on the market, how should enterprises choose the most suitable automatic packaging machine brand?

How to choose a suitable automatic packaging machine?

  How to choose a suitable automatic packaging machine:

  1. Define your own product parameters and requirements

  Before ordering the machine, it is necessary to clarify the various parameters of the product, including materials, packaging size, whether vacuum is required, and the packaging speed that needs to be achieved, so that a more suitable machine can be matched according to each parameter, and do not try to meet the requirements of one model. All product packaging needs, but get twice the result with half the effort; the packaging effect of the special machine is better than that of the compatible machine, it is recommended that the variety of packaging of a packaging machine should not exceed 3-5 varieties; choose a machine that is simple to operate and easy to maintain, which is more conducive to the production of enterprises long-term development.

  2. Brand selection

  Choose a packaging machinery brand with a good reputation and trustworthiness in the market. These brands, after the survival of the fittest in the market, have been recognized by people and have become synonymous with quality and reputation. They often have stronger product research and development capabilities. The equipment produced is stable in quality and performance. When actually put into production, the operation is stable and the error rate Low; don't be "superstitious" about foreign brands. Domestic packaging machinery is developing rapidly. Many domestic packaging machinery are not inferior to foreign brands in quality, and the price is more reasonable, and the price/performance ratio is much higher than that of foreign brands.

How to choose a suitable automatic packaging machine?

  3. On-site inspection

  If the situation permits, you can visit the production base of the packaging machinery enterprise on the spot to learn more about the subtleties of the equipment production; take the samples to test the machine on the spot, check it on the spot, and watch the actual operation, so as to choose more suitable equipment.

  4. Choose after-sales service

  Product selection is very important, and later service and maintenance are even more important. While choosing equipment, you can know in advance the after-sales service that the machinery manufacturer can provide. Timely after-sales service is the most basic requirement. Under the same conditions, choose a manufacturer with a more complete after-sales service system. Especially for manufacturers that produce food with a specific time nature, such as moon cakes, zongzi and other food with a festive atmosphere, the production and sales cycle is short. If the equipment fails, the after-sales service needs to respond in time to avoid greater losses.

How to choose a suitable automatic packaging machine?

  Product packaging is an important part of production, so the choice of packaging machinery is very important. From research and development, production, sales to after-sales service, GST never relaxes its strict requirements on quality, and its quality and reputation are obvious to all. Intelligent manufacturing of automation equipment, choose GST technology.

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