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Functional technology and precautions of weighing liquid quantitative filling machine

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  The weighing liquid quantitative filling machine adopts high-precision electronic weighing technology, combined with automatic filling technology, so as to realize high-precision dynamic metering and filling of liquid media, and its metering accuracy is not affected by factors such as pressure, temperature, and air bubbles. It is easy to install and debug, easy to use and maintain, and can be applied to the quantitative filling of edible oil, lubricating oil, wine, beverage, building materials, chemical industry and other industries.

Functional technology and precautions of weighing liquid quantitative filling machine

  Main functions: Using weighing instruments and sensors. It has automatic tare function; the required filling weight can be set arbitrarily within the design range; fast and slow filling is automatically controlled to prevent overflow; vacuum suction is used to ensure that the filling residue will not pollute the packaging container; the clear , Stable 13mm 6-digit bright LED display; using light touch buttons, the meter is automatically reset; with self-diagnosis function; using switching power supply, the meter can work in a wide voltage range (AC85V-265V); with automatic drop correction function.

  Main Specifications:

  1. Filling weight: 5~50kg;

  2. Production capacity: 80-260 barrels/h;

  3. Weighing error: ≤0.2%;

  4. Liquid material inlet pressure: 0.3~0.35MPa;

  5. Working pressure: 0.6~0.7MPa;

  6. Working temperature: -5°C--65°C;

  7. Ambient humidity: ≤90% relative humidity (no condensation).

Functional technology and precautions of weighing liquid quantitative filling machine


  1. Do not install in direct sunlight, especially the control instrument part, and avoid sudden temperature changes and strong mechanical vibrations;

  2. When the temperature is about 20°C and the relative humidity is about 50%, the instrument is in the best working condition;

  3. It is strictly forbidden to connect the ground wire of this equipment with the ground wire of other equipment;

  4. The grounding terminal of the instrument must be reliably connected to the earth, otherwise the reading of the instrument may be unstable;

  5. Always observe the liquid level of the oil storage tank. When the liquid level exceeds 2/3, please open the oil drain valve to drain the oil in time. After draining the oil, please close the oil drain valve.

  6. Do not touch the weighing tray with the side of the machine;

  7. Adjust the level of the weighing tray; when filling, the nozzle should not touch the barrel wall.

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