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The impact of the use of automation equipment on production

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  The invention and use of automation equipment is a very important symbol in the modern development process. Since the Industrial Revolution, human production efficiency has once again been greatly improved.

The impact of the use of automation equipment on production

  Automation refers to the process in which mechanical equipment, systems or processes (production and management processes) go through automatic detection, information processing, analysis and judgment, manipulation and control to achieve the expected goals without the direct participation of no one or a small number of people. Automation technology not only liberates people from manual labor, but more importantly, it can significantly improve production efficiency and improve human control over production.

  Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, medical care, service industry, and even households. Industrial automation has become an important means for modern countries to improve production and manufacturing capabilities and comprehensive national strength. Driven by national policies and the reality of high labor costs, automatic control and automatic adjustment of equipment and other equipment are used instead of manual processing and production. The trend of laborers as machine operation supervisors is also very obvious and irreversible.

The impact of the use of automation equipment on production

  According to the different degrees of equipment automation, industrial automation can be divided into semi-automation and full automation according to the development stage. Semi-automation means that part of the equipment adopts automatic control, and part requires manual operation for production. Full automation means that in the production process, all production processes such as feeding, testing, moving, correction, classification, loading and unloading are completed by mechanical components, and the machinery performs continuous and repeated production according to the set conditions.

  The benefits of introducing automation equipment in the production process are obvious. The most notable changes are the improvement of production efficiency and the stability of product quality. Although the current level of intelligence of automation equipment cannot be compared with that of human operations, thanks to the sustainable production and operation of equipment, production efficiency has been significantly improved. At the same time, machinery can continue to produce, detect, and classify products while following human settings The relevant rules stipulated, the production process is stable, the consistency of product production quality is guaranteed, and the probability of defective products being produced is greatly reduced. The standardized production and testing of machines can reduce the possibility of improper operation during human production, avoid wrong operations and invalid actions, reduce dependence on skilled workers, save staff training expenses and the waiting process and ineffective labor caused by staff changing jobs , Improve effective production time.

The impact of the use of automation equipment on production

  Therefore, the use of automated equipment for mass production can not only increase production capacity and reduce defective rates, but also save manpower and training expenses, and reduce production costs. In addition to bringing huge productivity changes to manufacturers, automation equipment can also help in new product development and auxiliary operations. For example, some extremely fine operations and research can be completed with the help of the stability and program setting of automation equipment. For example, the automation equipment of medical equipment has achieved remarkable results in fine work.

  In the production process, more tedious production processes are handed over to machines, and some require manual inspection or production is completed by full-time personnel. This division of labor can also help improve the enthusiasm of employees to transfer to technical and research positions and learn. Help increase the proportion of talents in the factory area and further accelerate the transformation of the manufacturing industry.

The impact of the use of automation equipment on production

  In the field of manufacturing, under the premise of disappearing market demand and demographic dividend, the trend of industrial automation and the development and application of automation equipment are very obvious. Automation equipment is widely introduced into production sites and forms semi-automatic or even fully automatic production lines to improve production efficiency and increase production capacity.

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