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Safe operation and pre-start inspection of automatic mask filling machine

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  The automatic mask filling machine is a common equipment for modern mask manufacturers. The automatic multi-process integration is completed by a single machine, which also greatly saves the labor cost faced by the enterprise, improves the quality and production efficiency, and improves the standard consistency of the product. The performance of this machine is stable. , high efficiency and accurate filling, it is the first choice for mask manufacturers to turn to automated mass production!

Safe operation and pre-start inspection of automatic mask filling machine

  In order to ensure the safety of the operators and the hygiene of the products, please abide by the following operating specifications:

  1. Those who are not trained to operate the machine shall not operate the machine without permission, and shall not touch any switch or button of the machine;

  2. Before loading the material (mask bag), it is necessary to check whether there are other foreign objects in the tank of the filling machine, and the material can only be loaded after confirming that it is correct;

  3. It is strictly forbidden to run the machine idling for more than 5 minutes for a long time. Pay special attention to the case where there is no liquid entering the filling system [magnetic pump], and it is strictly forbidden to pump for more than 15 seconds. The installation accuracy is affected, or even directly damaged;

  4. Check whether the pumping nozzle, material pipe, and filling nozzle are clean before starting the machine, and clean and disinfect (use alcohol or high-temperature water below 85°, connect the drain pipe (delivered at random) to the filling nozzle and container, and click in turn Fill button until alcohol/hot water flows into container);

  5. Check whether the connection between the power cord and the power switch is safe before starting the machine (note: if the machine moves and the power cord is reconnected, do not misplace the neutral wire and the live wire, once misplaced, some electrical components may be burned);

  6. Check whether the ground wire is securely connected before starting the machine;

  7. Check whether the air pressure reaches 0.6Mpa before starting the machine;

  8. After starting up and before heating up, check whether the heat-sealing knife (sealing mould) positioning screw and positioning rod are firm, whether the surface of the upper and lower molds is clean and free of foreign matter, and whether the Teflon coating has not fallen off;

Safe operation and pre-start inspection of automatic mask filling machine

  9. According to the size of the mask bag produced, adjust the width and height of each channel through the machine adjustment handwheel (the width of the guide groove is 1~2mm larger than the width of the film bag on both sides, and the height is 7~8mm according to the sealing position of the film bag)

  10. Adjust the required net content through the touch screen;

  11. Check whether the temperature control meter is heating up and constant temperature normally. After the temperature controller shows that the actual temperature reaches the set value, click the manual button to test one station, 1~3 pieces, and observe the sealing effect (width of sealing area, balance, texture and font clarity).

  12. Check whether the seal is firm, and prevent abnormalities such as "false seal" and poor seal;

  13. Weigh the net content of a single piece, whether there is a deviation from the set value (the viscosity of the essence: less than or equal to 2000mPa.s, the net content deviation is within ±0.3g; greater than 2000 and less than 3000mPa.s, the net content deviation is within ±0.5 within g)

  14. After confirming the sealing effect and net content, the automatic mode can be turned on, and the machine will stop after producing 3 to 5 sets, and each piece of finished product will be carefully checked again (sealing effect, firmness, net content). If there is any abnormality, corresponding adjustments must be made.

  15. After there is no abnormality, continue normal production, manually squeeze every 5/10 pieces, and the net content will be dynamically weighed and detected by weighing and rejecting machine for each piece (defective products can be automatically removed);

  16. During the operation of the machine, do not put hands or other parts of the body into the machine to avoid pinching and scalding;

Safe operation and pre-start inspection of automatic mask filling machine

  17. During the operation of the machine, do not open the electric box door, let alone touch any electrical components;

  18. During the operation of the machine, if there is a fault that needs to be dealt with, you need to press the "Stop" button, and then troubleshoot after the machine stops completely;

  19. Regularly check whether the vacuum pumps and bearings of each motor need to be lubricated (or butter) every week, and oil-free operation is strictly prohibited;

  20. Before starting each shift, check whether the fasteners and screws in each part are loose or fall off, and start the operation after confirming that they are correct;

  21. Before going to get off work and after work every day, clean the pumping system and storage system of the equipment with warm water or alcohol; wipe the body and various parts with a towel for cleaning and maintenance;

  22. Disinfect and clean the filling system, material storage system and inlet and outlet pipelines on a weekly basis. Operators must record and archive the disinfection and cleaning process.

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