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Three key points of non-standard automation equipment

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  Non-standard automation equipment, also known as "customized equipment", must be customized according to different customer preferences, product technology, quality requirements, site conditions, etc. every time it is designed and produced. In other words, non-standard means that there is no standard. When it comes to "standards" or norms, it is a bit contradictory.

Three key points of non-standard automation equipment

  Then, knowing the precautions when purchasing non-standard automation equipment can save a lot of trouble, and can also save the factory a huge amount of follow-up expenditure. Even so, the production of non-standard equipment is a technical business, and it cannot be unconstrained, nor will it be done arbitrarily. There are many rules and regulations in the specific development and implementation.

  What is non-standard equipment? "Non-standard equipment" is non-standard equipment, which is not manufactured according to the unified industry standards and specifications promulgated by the state, but designed and manufactured according to its own needs, which also needs to be anti-corrosion . Let's take a look at non-standard equipment today to understand what non-standard equipment is.

  What kind of process is necessary to deploy automation equipment?

Three key points of non-standard automation equipment

  The working environment in the workshop is not friendly, such as spraying and welding operations, etc.; the quality of the product is not good by manual operation; the production cycle of the product is long and the life is too long; the product is large or heavy, and the manual operation is not flexible; Loading, part separability is important Need to evaluate part separability. Especially for some small parts like screws and nails; component stability. If the quality of the components flowing from the upstream is unstable, the quality of the products processed by the equipment may not be as good as those produced by manual labor, which may cause repeated shutdowns of the equipment; the packaging complexity of the components. If you want to realize automatic feeding, you need to change the original packaging method so that the feeding mechanism can grab the parts. The cost of changing the packaging method will increase; the complexity and difficulty of operation determine the cost of automation equipment And the feasibility of automation equipment technology, even with industrial robots, complex assembly operations are difficult to achieve.

Three key points of non-standard automation equipment

  How can non-standard equipment design specifications and automation design meet the requirements of lean mode?

  The three-no policy for non-standard automation equipment:

  1. Instead of using large multi-task equipment, use small single-task equipment. The more complex the equipment, the higher the cost, the lower the accuracy, and the lower the flexibility to respond to changes in demand.

  2. Don't blindly pursue high-speed equipment. The efficiency of the equipment should meet the demand and ensure the quality of the product. Too much is not enough.

Three key points of non-standard automation equipment

  3. No batch processing equipment. Although batch processing equipment has certain advantages in efficiency, it will hinder the flow, prolong the production cycle, and even cause delays.

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