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Blister packaging machine, packaging products are beautiful and airtight

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  Blister packaging machine is also called thermoplastic molding machine. It mainly uses the vacuum suction generated by the vacuum pump to absorb heated and plasticized PVC, PE and other thermoplastic coils into various shapes of advanced packaging and decoration boxes, frames and other products. .

Blister packaging machine, packaging products are beautiful and airtight

  According to packaging products, it can be divided into blister packaging for daily necessities, blister packaging for small hardware, blister packaging for automotive supplies, etc.

  The main structure of the blister machine: feeding, pulling, upper and lower electric heating furnace, lower gate, multi-function adjustable size, lower mold plate, upper mold, upper gate, knife gate, slicing, releasing and equipped with vacuum device etc.; the pneumatic device is the main power source, and the pulling and feeding of the film adopts electric, reducer, time relay, intermediate relay, travel switch and other electrical appliances to form a fully automatic control system.

Blister packaging machine, packaging products are beautiful and airtight

  The requirements for the control system of the blister machine are to ensure convenient operation, high precision of mechanical action and temperature control, short production time, and save the power consumption of the machine as much as possible under the same production conditions.

  The working process of the blister machine: PVC unwinding→PVC heating→plastic tray forming→servo traction→plastic tray punching→PVC waste rewinding→plastic tray transfer→feeding→automatic card unloading→heat sealing→finished product output.

Blister packaging machine, packaging products are beautiful and airtight

  The advantages of the blister machine: the product is packaged by blister, which can save raw and auxiliary materials, the packaging material is light in weight, convenient to transport, and has good sealing performance, which meets the requirements of environmental protection and green packaging; and can pack any special-shaped products without additional cushioning Materials; the packaged products are transparent and visible, beautiful in appearance, and easy to sell; the blister machine is simple to operate and easy to use, which can mechanize production and automate packaging, facilitate industrial modernization management, save manpower, improve the efficiency of production and packaging, and greatly increase the number of enterprises. profits.

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