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Multi-Function Filling Machine: Flexible Equipment to Meet Your Needs

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  In today's industrial production field, multi-function filling machines have become an efficient and important production equipment due to their high efficiency and flexibility. This kind of equipment can meet the efficient filling needs of different industries for liquid, semi-liquid, paste, etc., and is widely used in beverage, food, medicine and other fields.

Multi-Function Filling Machine: Flexible Equipment to Meet Your Needs

  1. Definition and characteristics of multi-function filling machine

  The multi-function filling machine is a filling equipment that integrates multiple functions. It has the characteristics of high degree of automation, easy operation and accurate filling. It can replace different filling heads, pumps, valves and other components according to different filling needs to achieve filling of different varieties, specifications and dosages. In addition, the multifunctional filling machine also has the following advantages:

  Wide scope of application: It can adapt to the packaging needs of different industries, different types and different specifications.

  High flexibility: Different parts can be quickly replaced according to production needs and interconnected parts can be realized.

  High precision: Using advanced control systems and sensors, precise predictive control and parameters can be achieved.

  High degree of automation: piping, measurement, filling, sealing and other aspects of warehousing can be automated to reduce labor costs.

  2. The development history of multi-function filling machine

  With the continuous development of science and technology, multi-functional filling machines are constantly being upgraded. From the original manual apple machine to the current automated filling machine, the development history of multi-function filling machines has witnessed the continuous progress of industrial production. Although multi-functional filling machines have made great progress, they still have the following shortcomings:

  The degree of automation needs to be improved: Current functional equipment still requires manual operation and monitoring, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in automation.

  Higher functional cost: The equipment price of multi-functional filling equipment is relatively high. For some small and medium-sized enterprises, the purchase and maintenance costs are relatively high.

  Maintenance and maintenance are not convenient enough: The purpose requires the machine to have a complex structure and function, and maintenance and upkeep requires professional technicians, which is not convenient enough.

Multi-Function Filling Machine: Flexible Equipment to Meet Your Needs

  3. Technical principles of multi-function filling machine

  The multi-function filling machine adopts advanced machinery, electronics, computer and other technologies to realize automated multi-function filling machine. It mainly includes the following parts:

  Filling head: According to different filling needs, you can choose different filling heads, such as single head, double head, multi-head, etc.

  Pump: The main function of the pump is to provide pressure to send the delivery pipe to the delivery head. The application usually uses a pump or plunger pump.

  Valve: The function of the valve is to control the flow and direction of discharge. Generally, a solenoid valve or a ball valve is used.

  Control system: The control system is the core of the multi-function filling machine equipment. It is generally controlled by PLC (the most important logic controller) or industrial computer.

  The working principle of the multi-function filling machine is to fill the pipe to the filling head, and fill the filling container under the action of the pump. The control system controls according to the preset filling volume and filling speed to achieve precise filling. Finally, the container is sealed by a sealing machine to complete the entire freight process.

  4. Application practice of multi-function filling machine

  Multifunctional filling machines are widely used in practice. Here are a few typical cases:

  Beverage production: In the beverage rapid production line, the multi-function filling machine can accurately inject beverages into bottles and cans. At the same time, it can also realize switching filling of different types of beverages and improve production efficiency.

  Food processing: In the field of food processing, multi-functional filling machines can inject various sauces, condiments, salad dressings and other food raw materials into containers to meet the needs of mass production.

  Pharmaceutical manufacturing: In the pharmaceutical field, multi-function filling machines can be used to manufacture various medicines and medical supplies, such as ointments, potions, medical equipment, etc. Through precise control of formulas and proportions, the quality and safety of drugs are guaranteed.

  When using the multi-function filling machine, you need to pay attention to the following matters:

Multi-Function Filling Machine: Flexible Equipment to Meet Your Needs

  Regularly inspect and maintain equipment to ensure stable operation of the equipment.

  According to different needs, select appropriate filling heads, pumps, valves and other components, and make corresponding adjustments and replacements.

  When cleaning and maintaining equipment, be sure to turn off the power and ensure safety.

  Strictly follow the operating procedures to avoid equipment damage or safety accidents caused by misoperation.

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