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Application of logistics automation equipment technology

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  The hot link in the integration and application of logistics automation equipment technology is the distribution center, which is characterized by many varieties, batches and large quantities of items that need to be picked every day. Therefore, logistics automation picking equipment has been partially introduced in the distribution centers of domestic supermarkets, medicine, postal parcels and other industries.

Application of logistics automation equipment technology

  One is the automatic application of picking equipment. The picking shelf (tray) is equipped with visual sorting reminder equipment. This kind of sorting shelf is connected with the logistics management information system to dynamically prompt the picked items and quantity to guide the work. The picking operation of personnel improves the accuracy and speed of goods picking.

  The other is an automatic sorting device after picking items. Attach a barcode or an electronic tag to the identified object (usually the transport unit after grouping), and send it to the sorting port by the conveyor belt, and then sort the items by a sorter equipped with a reading device, so that the items enter their respective The grouping channel completes the automatic sorting of items. Sorting equipment is used in large domestic distribution centers. However, this kind of equipment and corresponding supporting software are basically imported from abroad, and there are also imported foreign mechanical equipment and domestic configuration software. The three-dimensional warehouse and the associated roadway stacker have developed rapidly in China and are used in machinery manufacturing, automobiles, textiles, railways, cigarettes and other industries.

Application of logistics automation equipment technology

  The domestic stacker has been greatly improved in terms of its walking speed, noise, positioning accuracy and other technical indicators, and its operation is relatively stable. However, compared with famous foreign manufacturers, there is still a big gap in some fine indicators of the stacker, such as the high limit of the minimum cargo space, the noise during high-speed (above 80 m/s), and the deceleration performance of the motor.

  Logistics equipment tracking mainly refers to the tracking of the transport carrier of logistics and the location of items involved in logistics activities.

  There are many ways to track logistics equipment. Traditional communication means such as telephones can be used for passive tracking, and RFID means can be used for phased tracking. However, GPS technology is the most widely used in China at present.

  GPS technology tracking utilizes the GPS logistics monitoring and management system, which mainly tracks the transportation of freight vehicles and goods, so that the owner of the goods and vehicles can know the location and status of the vehicles and goods at any time, ensuring the effective monitoring and rapid operation of the entire logistics process.

Application of logistics automation equipment technology

  The composition of the logistics GPS monitoring management system mainly includes GPS positioning equipment on the means of transportation, tracking service platform (including geographic information system and corresponding software), information communication mechanism and other equipment (such as electronic labels or barcodes on goods, alarm devices, etc. ).

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