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The benefits of using an automated production line

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  What is an automated production line? An automated production line is a production system that automatically completes all or part of the manufacturing process by a workpiece transmission system and control system, a set of automatic machine tools and auxiliary equipment in accordance with the process sequence. Why use an automated production line?

The benefits of using an automated production line

  1. Reduce operating costs: According to different tasks, the robot can complete the work of three to five people. In addition to labor savings, lower heating requirements can lead to significant energy savings in automated operations. Robots automate procedures and improve part accuracy, reducing material waste during operations.

  2. Increased worker safety: Workers are relieved of harmful tasks by automated cells. Your employees will thank you for protecting them from the dangers of working in your factory.

  3. Reduced lead times for manufacturers: When opposed to outsourcing or offshoring, automation can keep your process in-house, improve process control, and drastically reduce lead times.

  4. Greater return on investment: Automation solutions are customized according to your specific needs and goals, and they quickly pay for themselves through reduced operating costs, shorter lead times, increased production and other benefits.

  5. Ability to compete more effectively: Automated cells enable you to reduce cycle time and cost per piece while improving quality. This enables you to compete more effectively on the world stage. Additionally, the robot's adaptability allows you to repurpose units to outperform your opponents.

The benefits of using an automated production line

  6. Increased output: A robot can work at a constant rate unattended, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This shows that you can make more. New goods can be incorporated into the manufacturing process more quickly, and programming of new products can be done offline without disrupting existing operations.

  7. Part production and quality are stable and continuously improving: Generally speaking, automated cells complete the production process with less unpredictability than human workers. Therefore, the product quality is more controllable and stable.

  8. Reduced environmental impact: Automation saves energy by simplifying equipment and processes, reducing waste and taking up less space. Reducing your environmental impact can lead to huge financial savings.

  9. Improvement plan: The stable output of the robot enables the workshop to estimate time and cost with confidence. Because of this reliability, most projects can operate on a smaller scale.

  10. Optimal use of ground space: The robot is built on a small base to fit in a small area. In addition to the ground, the robot can also be mounted on walls, ceilings, train lines and shelves. They get the job done in small places, saving you valuable floor space.

The benefits of using an automated production line

  11. Simple integration: Productivity will work with you to develop a complete solution including hardware, software and controls. Your unit will be tested by a productivity company and delivered to production, allowing you to start producing parts immediately after installation in the shop.

  12. Maximize your workforce: Statistics show that over the next three decades, more than 76 million baby boomers will retire and only 46 million new workers will be able to replace them. During this time, your labor demand will remain high, making automation a real, practical solution.

  13. Increased productivity: These systems automate factories and industrial processes, enabling continuous mass production 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thereby increasing productivity and reducing assembly time.

  14. High quality: By utilizing adaptive control and monitoring at all stages of the industrial process, these systems have successfully eliminated human error, thus increasing the quality and homogeneity of the products provided. After several hours of continuous work, performance was not affected.

  15. Increased Consistency: Machines and computers work at a consistent and constant speed. Therefore, the automated manufacturing process has greater length, stability and robustness when controlled by an automated system.

The benefits of using an automated production line

  16. Cost-cutting measures: Although the initial investment in an industrial automation system can be huge, applying this technology will make data analysis less expensive. Furthermore, thanks to this automatic data analysis, the danger of machine breakdowns and service interruptions is reduced to a minimum.

  17. Enhanced working conditions: In factories with industrial automation systems, workers work shorter hours and have more time for high value-added work.

  18. Increased added value: Due to the application of automation technology, employees no longer have to do boring and routine work. When the activities of machines and computers free employees from performing these tasks, they can perform more value-added tasks in other parts of the company for greater benefit.

  19. Improving human capabilities: The systems used by enterprises to automate services can not only complete the duties that humans can do, but also perform tasks beyond human capabilities. They have advantages in terms of size, weight, speed and resistance.

  20. Improve the adaptability of the system: The adaptability of the system can be readjusted and repositioned for new production plans at any time. The adaptability of the robot is strong and it is easy to redeploy in new applications. Robots can switch between various projects at any time without completely rebuilding the production line. With automated grippers and vision, quick changeovers allow different part sizes and shapes to be part of the same run. The mixed-flow production method offers greater flexibility in responding to fluctuations in demand. Robots can "learn" new processes in real time. Conversion time reduced.

The benefits of using an automated production line

  In general, automated cells complete production processes with less unpredictability than human workers. This results in improved product control and uniformity...An automated production line is a process in which raw materials enter and finished products exit with little or no human intervention...In many ways, industrial automation technology provides exceptional the benefits of. It is safer to use robots on dangerous production lines.

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