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Price factors of automatic blister packaging machine

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  Automatic blister packaging machine is a general term for producing plastic products by blister technology and packaging products with corresponding equipment. Blister products mainly use high-quality flocking, PVC, PET, PP, PS, GAG and other plastic materials to produce high-grade and various specifications of blister packaging for electronics, stationery, toys, hardware, food, daily Packaging for gifts, handicrafts, etc.

Price factors of automatic blister packaging machine

  Price factors of automatic blister packaging machine: unit price of blister = product material cost + energy consumption + labor and transportation + profit.

  Energy consumption: Blister is heat-processed, and the power consumption is relatively large compared with other industries, which is roughly 8% of the cost of product materials.

  Labor: Blister is mainly produced by machines, with less labor, which is roughly 10% of the cost of product materials.

  Transportation: according to the distance from the customer to our factory.

  Profit: The net profit of a blister factory is generally very low, 12%-20%, depending on the payment term, and 14% after 30 days of settlement.

Price factors of automatic blister packaging machine

  Material cost: The calculation of product material cost is relatively complicated. Before calculation, the following aspects of data should be clarified first:

  Raw material price: According to the application of the product, determine which material and grade of material to use, and find the lowest price supplier of this material.

  Film thickness: pre-assess how thick the product must be made of film, and it should be determined according to the thickness and shape of each part of the molding Quantity of typesetting: According to the size and shape of the product, calculate how many molds can be arranged in one plate, and the density will be reduced Product quality, if it is diluted, it will increase the loss of materials and increase the cost

Price factors of automatic blister packaging machine

  Material loss rate: The main factors are the product shape, product quantity, and the degree of fit between the outer dimension and the chassis of the blister machine. The more square the shape and the greater the output, the smaller the loss rate

  The calculation formula of material cost:

  Product material cost = 1 ton raw material price / 1 ton raw material finished product quantity

  The quantity of 1 ton of raw materials and finished products = the length of 1 ton of raw materials / (the length of the blister template + 4cm to 15cm stretching edge) X typesetting quantity X (100%-material loss rate)

Price factors of automatic blister packaging machine

  1 ton of raw material length = 1 ton / material density / film thickness / width (blister chassis width)

  Among them, the material density (PVC is 1.36T/M3), the width of the blister chassis (0.51-1.20M), the length of the formwork and other four parameters are all estimated by professional experience.

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