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Blister material of automatic blister packaging machine

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  Automatic blister packaging machine is a general term for producing plastic products by blister technology and packaging products with corresponding equipment. Blister products mainly use high-quality flocking, PVC, PET, PP, PS, GAG and other plastic materials to produce high-grade and various specifications of blister packaging for electronics, stationery, toys, hardware, food, daily packaging for gifts, handicrafts, etc.

Blister material of automatic blister packaging machine

  Blister material of automatic blister packaging machine:

  1. PVC sheets have high toughness and are not easy to burn. Chlorine gas will be produced when burned, which will have a certain impact on the environment. PVC is easy to heat seal, and can be sealed with a sealing machine and high frequency. It is the main raw material for the production of transparent plastic products.

  PVC sheet is a widely used and popular material. PVC film can be divided into two types: environmental protection and non-environmental protection. It can be made into transparent, colorful, anti-static, gold-plated, flocking and other blister packaging products. Its main features are high transparency, good surface gloss, few crystal points, small water marks, wide application, strong impact resistance, and easy molding. The products are widely used in toys, food, electronic products, medicine, electrical appliances, gifts, cosmetics, Outer packaging of stationery and other products.

Blister material of automatic blister packaging machine

  2. PS hard sheet has low density, poor toughness, and is easy to burn. It will produce styrene gas (hazardous gas) when burned, so it is generally used to produce various industrial blister trays. PS sheet is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material developed in recent years. With its excellent thermoforming performance, good environmental protection performance and hygienic performance, it is widely used in medicine, food, toys and electronics.

  3. PET hard sheet has good toughness and is a new type of material developed in recent years. With its excellent toughness, high strength, high transparency, and recyclability, it is easy to burn and does not produce harmful gases when burned. It is an environmentally friendly material and PVC is gradually banned, but the price is high, and it is suitable for high-end plastic products. Blister blisters in European and American countries generally require PET material, but its high thermal melting point brings great difficulties to high-frequency packaging. In order to solve this problem, people put a layer of PVC film on the surface of PET, named PETG, but the price is higher. Mainly used in electronics, food, toys, color box windows, collar holders, shoe packaging, etc.

Blister material of automatic blister packaging machine

  Its advantages are as follows: it has excellent transparency and smoothness, and the display effect is good. Excellent surface decoration performance, can be printed without surface treatment, easy to press pattern, easy to metal treatment (vacuum metallization layer). Has good mechanical strength. Good barrier properties to oxygen and water vapor. It has good chemical resistance and can withstand the erosion of various chemical substances. Non-toxic, reliable hygienic performance, can be used for packaging of food, medicine and medical equipment, and can be sterilized by Y-rays. It has good adaptability to environmental protection and can be recycled economically and conveniently; when its waste is incinerated, no harmful substances that endanger the environment will be produced. PET sheet is considered to be an ideal packaging material that meets (ROSH) environmental protection requirements.

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