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Automatic packaging machine maintenance skills

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  Familiar with automatic packaging machines. For the purchased automatic packaging machine, his main task is to provide services for packaging companies. While the automatic packaging machine provides services for the enterprise, the packaging enterprise also needs to maintain the automatic packaging machine. Otherwise, it will be damaged due to working day and night, and the packaging company will lose in the end. How do we maintain the purchased automatic packaging machine?

Automatic packaging machine maintenance skills

  Primary stage: Carry out maintenance on the basis of routine maintenance. Job responsibilities are lubrication, fastening and inspection of all relevant parts of automatic packaging machines, as well as cleaning.

  The second stage: maintenance workers mainly check and adjust. Physical inspection of diesel engines, clutches, gearboxes, driveline prefabrication, transmission and braking system prefabrication.

  The third stage: Maintenance is inspection, adjustment, fault detection and elimination of potential safety hazards, and balances the damage degree of each component. For components that compromise the performance specifications of automatic packaging machines and for components that show common signs of failure, diagnostic tests and condition-related inspections are performed to allow necessary disassembly, adjustment and general troubleshooting.

Automatic packaging machine maintenance skills

  Automatic packaging machine seasonal maintenance refers to the inspection and maintenance of prefabricated components such as combustion lubrication system software, hydraulic transmission system, and refrigeration system start-up system software before the automatic packaging machine enters summer and early winter each year.

  Automatic packaging machine shutdown maintenance refers to the cleaning, supporting facilities, anti-corrosion and other work performed when the automatic packaging machine has to be shut down for a period of time due to seasonal factors (such as winter break). Only when the automatic packaging machine is maintained according to the requirements, its working efficiency and service life will be longer. Only in this way can enterprises give full play to the role of automatic packaging machines.

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