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Automatic folding and sealing machine for e-commerce

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  The automatic folding and sealing machine for e-commerce can automatically fold the lid, and automatically stick the tape on the top and bottom, without manual work; the carton is sealed with instant tape, and the sealing effect is smooth and beautiful, and the sealing tape is reserved for 5cm. At the same time, it can be used with labeling machines, weighing machines, strapping machines, and winding machines.

Automatic folding and sealing machine for e-commerce

  Main advantages: It can be used for postal cartons No. 1-12; the reserved length of sealing tape is up to 7 cm; the quality of self-processing accessories is reliable and durable.

  Online shopping has become an indispensable part of our lives, and express delivery can be safely delivered to our doorsteps with just a touch of our fingers, which is convenient and fast.

  In this process, the power brought by an express carton is unimaginable. It bears important responsibilities such as packaging, product protection, and aesthetics.

  Then the process of unpacking, packing, and sealing of cartons needs to pay special attention to efficiency, so as to ensure that the logistics behind can be transported quickly and reach consumers. In this link, carton unpacking and sealing machines dedicated to e-commerce Automated packaging equipment plays a big role.

Automatic folding and sealing machine for e-commerce

  The special box sealing machine for e-commerce is a machine that can help e-commerce companies to automatically seal boxes. We all know that e-commerce has only developed in recent years. The advantage of e-commerce lies in the price, so it is necessary to control the cost very strictly , The e-commerce box sealing machine can save labor costs.

  There is not much difference between the e-commerce automatic box sealing machine and the ordinary box sealing machine, but the e-commerce box sealing machine has higher requirements, especially the stricter requirements for automation and intelligence. We all know that JD warehouses can achieve unmanned shipments, and we should all be grateful for the development of the Internet of Things, which is a case of linking traditional equipment with the Internet.

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