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Explosion-proof automatic sealing machine has a box jam problem

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  Explosion-proof automatic box sealing machine can also be called tape sealing carton sealing. It can complete the action of upper and lower sealing. It can also use printing tape. It is suitable for the sealing and packaging of cartons. It can be operated by a single machine or combined with a streamline Matching use, very popular with automated packaging companies.

Explosion-proof automatic sealing machine has a box jam problem

  The main function of the explosion-proof automatic box sealing machine is to automatically seal the boxed products. After the products are boxed, they enter the box sealing machine through the conveyor chain and are delivered to the box delivery mechanism. The two sides of the carton are clamped by the clamp belt. Front movement, the front short tongue presser automatically bends, and the rear short tongue enters the sealing roller in the carton. The detection signal informs the tongue beating cylinder to move, and the tongue beating frame bends it. At the same time, the signal informs the melting machine to automatically Glue spraying, the carton continues to move forward, the left and right long tongues are automatically bent to the middle through the guide rod, and at the same time, the belt of the box pressing mechanism presses the left and right long tongues of the carton synchronously, so that the box, tongue and glue are combined to complete the sealing action.

  Card box is a common problem in the work of explosion-proof automatic box sealing machine, let's find out together!

  1. Improper adjustment of width or height

  If the width and height of the transported cartons are not adjusted properly, it is easy to cause jamming. At this time, it is necessary to put the cartons back on the machine workbench, compare and adjust them, and confirm the size and length of the transport.

Explosion-proof automatic sealing machine has a box jam problem

  2. The carton is too light to pass through the movement

  The machine will hold down the carton and hit the belt guide roller during transportation, so that the tape will be sealed to the carton. If the carton is too light, it will not be able to hit the belt guide roller, resulting in jamming. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the carton and its loading capacity.

  3. The tape is not cut

  After the machine has been used for a period of time, a lot of tape debris or dust will be attached to the cutting knife. After long-term use, the blade will gradually become not sharp enough, and the blade that is not sharp enough or the tip of the knife is blocked by the adhesive will cause the tape There is no way to cut the carton without cutting the tape, it will be stuck in the sealing machine and cannot continue to be transported forward, resulting in the phenomenon of box jamming. This requires regular cleaning or replacement of the cutter to ensure that the cutter is sharp and can be used normally.

Explosion-proof automatic sealing machine has a box jam problem

  The use of any equipment should pay attention to its daily maintenance and maintenance, so as to reduce the chance of machine failure. GST Technology reminds everyone that if the equipment fails, if it wants to stop running, it needs to be handed over to professional maintenance personnel for troubleshooting. It can continue to be used only after the inspection and maintenance are completed.

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