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Inherit tea culture, choose tea bag automatic packaging machine!

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  To inherit the tea culture, choose an automatic tea bag packaging machine! Everyone knows the convenience of tea bags. It is very convenient to carry and make tea in a small bag. Since the appearance of tea bags in 1904, they have been very popular among consumers. , the technology of teabags is also gradually improving. In countries with strong tea culture, the market for teabags is also quite large. Traditional handmade teabags can no longer meet market demand, so the emergence of teabag packaging machines has become a This kind of necessity not only realizes the automatic demand of tea bag packaging, but also quantitative packaging, the packaging speed is also very fast, and the packaging effect is also relatively diverse. Today, let’s talk about some conventional tea bag packaging equipment.

Inherit tea culture, choose tea bag automatic packaging machine!

  1. Tea filter paper inside and outside bag tea bag packaging machine

  As the name suggests, tea filter paper has the function of filtering. When packaging tea, the teabag needs to brew out the taste, so the packaging film needs to have a certain permeability. Tea filter paper is one of them, and it is not easy to break during the process of soaking water. The tea filter paper inner and outer bag packaging machine uses this kind of tea filter paper to pack tea leaves. It belongs to the heat-sealing packaging machine, that is to say, the edge of the tea filter paper is sealed by heating. The tea bag formed by tea filter paper packaging tea is an inner bag. In order to facilitate storage, the packaging machine manufacturer has added an outer bag structure, that is to say, a plastic composite film bag is placed outside the inner bag, so that there is no need to be afraid of touching water before use. Deterioration will affect the taste of teabags.

Inherit tea culture, choose tea bag automatic packaging machine!

  2. Nylon film tea bag packaging machine

  Nylon film tea bag packaging machine is packed with nylon film, nylon film is also a good air permeability film, this film can be made into flat bag and triangular bag (also known as pyramid-shaped tea bag) two kinds , but if you want to make inner and outer bags, you need to connect two devices, one for the inner bag and the other for the outer bag. There are many scented tea types that will be more inclined to use this kind of packaging machine, because making nylon triangle bags requires less space. The feeling will be better, suitable for scented tea to stretch and loosen the scent.

Inherit tea culture, choose tea bag automatic packaging machine!

  3. Cold seal non-woven tea bag packaging machine

  The non-woven fabric mentioned in the cold-seal non-woven tea bag packaging machine is a cold-seal non-woven fabric. Some friends may not be able to tell what is a cold-seal non-woven fabric. There are two types of non-woven fabrics, one is heat-seal Non-woven fabric, one is cold-sealed non-woven fabric. Heat-sealing non-woven fabrics are used to seal bags by heating. Why do you need heat-sealing? That is because it is a non-woven fabric made with glue. The price of this non-woven fabric will be lower than that of cold-sealing non-woven fabrics. It is higher, but in terms of environmental protection and health, heat-sealed non-woven fabrics are not as good as cold-sealed non-woven fabrics. Cold-sealed non-woven fabrics are breathable, and the tea flavor quickly penetrates into boiling water. It is also environmentally friendly and affordable. Resistant to cooking, but this kind of non-woven fabric cannot be sealed by heating. It is suitable for ultrasonic cold sealing. This kind of suitable wave band can seal the cold-sealed non-woven fabric firmly, whether it is directly boiled or soaked in hot water, It will not break the package. This is also a packaging method that has become popular recently, and this packaging method has also been applied to the packaging of dry hot pot ingredients and marinated ingredients in the food industry. After packaging, you only need to put it directly into the Hot pot or marinade pot, so that the marinade seasoning will not scatter and stick to the food as soon as it is cooked, affecting the eating experience.

  Users of three conventional tea packaging machines can choose according to their needs. Teabags span the three golden industries of tea beverages, health products, and herbal teas. They can not only drink tea, but also maintain health. With the enhancement of people's awareness of health preservation, teabags have become the trend of health preservation at this stage. The diversification of teabag packaging machines can also provide users with more tea packaging options. Before ordering a tea packaging machine, do not know about these conventional tea leaves Packaging equipment, that would be a pity.

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