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Significance of using filling vacuum automatic capping machine

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  Vacuum automatic capping machine generally refers to the equipment used for vacuum capping packaging of glass bottles and tinplate caps. The glass bottle mouth is screwed, and the cap material is usually tinplate, with buckles equal to the number of threads of the corresponding bottle mouth. mouth glass bottle.

Significance of using filling vacuum automatic capping machine

  Food packaging machinery is the fundamental guarantee for high-speed, automatic and multi-functional product packaging, and plays a very important role in modern food industry, mainly including:

  1. Significantly improve production efficiency;

  2. Reduce labor costs and improve working conditions;

  3. Save materials, reduce costs and protect the environment;

  4. It is beneficial to the hygienic requirements of the packaged products and improves the quality;

  5. Reduce the packaging site area and save construction investment.

Significance of using filling vacuum automatic capping machine

  Product advantages of filling vacuum capping machine:

  1. Quantitative filling and vacuum capping are integrated into one machine, with a simple and beautiful appearance, which not only saves floor space, but also facilitates management and placement. The two functions are seamlessly connected, effectively saving labor costs, and high production efficiency.

  2. The production process can be directly observed, the touch screen operation interface is simple and intuitive, and different torque and vacuum parameters can be set according to actual market demand to achieve accurate control.

  3. The main frame is made of 304+ stainless steel, while the material contact surface is made of clean grade plastic and sanitary grade SUS304 stainless steel, which is waterproof, durable and corrosion-resistant.

  4. The filling head is equipped with an anti-drip device. The parts are easy to replace, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. It can be adapted to bottles of different shapes and sizes only by changing the bottle holding mold.

  5. The main components are selected from internationally renowned brands, with stable and reliable performance.

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