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Features of non-standard automation equipment

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  In recent years, the degree of automation of machinery and equipment in my country has gradually increased. In the actual production of factories, automation equipment can effectively shorten the processing time of products and accurately ensure the processing accuracy of products. Due to the complexity and variety of products, standard automation equipment can only produce part of the equipment. In order to make up for this defect, non-standard automation equipment came into being.

Features of non-standard automation equipment

  1. Features of non-standard automation equipment

  The main processing method of non-standard automation equipment is to use ordinary machine tools or CNC machine tools, and use fixtures or a combination of fixtures and tools for measurement. The devices used for measurement are mostly of general purpose type. Due to the limitations of the mechanism, it is difficult for CNC machine tools to fully meet the refined requirements of the product. In order to effectively ensure the processing quality, in many cases, trial cutting and scribing are also used for processing.

  The product design of non-standard automation equipment is mostly designed by computer drawing software, which not only simplifies the steps of drawing design, but also greatly improves the accuracy of drawing. Commonly used computer drawing software includes Auto CAD, SolidWorks, etc. Many assembly drawings can be drawn using Auto CAD drawing software according to mechanical drawing standards, and can also be converted into 2D assembly drawings using 3D drawing software such as SolidWorks.

  No matter what kind of drawing software is used, it is necessary to ensure that the view and dimension design conform to the processing standards, and the product's surface roughness and other values must be clearly marked.

Features of non-standard automation equipment

  2. Non-standard automation design

  The main goal of non-standard automation design is to process products that cannot be processed by standard equipment. During the process of non-standard automation design, attention must also be paid to improving equipment quality and production efficiency, and ensuring the safety and stability of the entire product production process. The first step in non-standard automation design is to be familiar with and master the actual needs of customers for products, and to have a preliminary judgment on the processing and production environment of the equipment.

  Secondly, it is necessary to be able to formulate the product production process and equipment parameters according to the product requirements put forward by the customer and through the analysis and discussion of the designers.

  Finally, on the basis of satisfying the scientificity and rationality of the design, the overall structure diagram of the equipment, the diagram of important parts, the automatic electrical control system, etc. should be designed. After completing the design work of the scheme, it is necessary to evaluate the reliability of the design scheme, economic expenditure cost, product quality, etc., and make reasonable modifications to the designed structure according to the evaluation results.

Features of non-standard automation equipment

  If the customer is satisfied with the final plan, the plan can be determined and forwarded to the engineering department. The engineering department will list parts requisition, product manufacturing price list, equipment assembly drawing, and main component parts drawing according to the determined design plan.

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