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Non-standard automation equipment application industry

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  The status quo of the application of non-standard automation equipment, with the acceleration of urbanization and industrialization in China, the increase in labor costs, which is a heavy burden for production enterprises, especially labor-intensive enterprises, coupled with the upgrading of industrial structure , Product production requirements are becoming more and more stringent, so non-standard automation equipment came into being.

Non-standard automation equipment application industry

  1. Production and distribution in the automobile manufacturing industry: non-standard automation equipment is relatively widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry, especially in the manufacturing and installation of auto parts, such as steering wheels, windshields, and flat glass deep-processing production lines.

  2. Production, transportation and packaging of the food industry: With the improvement of people's quality of life, clean and hygienic food packaging has become a new demand for people. The application of non-standard automation equipment can realize automation, dust-free and aseptic for these foods package of.

Non-standard automation equipment application industry

  3. Product delivery of electronic appliance production line: The delivery method of the production line is a method commonly used in the production of many electronic appliances. The product delivery of the electronic appliance production line is an important application method for non-standard automation equipment.

  4. In the storage facilities of the logistics industry: In recent years, with the development of e-commerce, the courier brothers have been active in front of us. It can be seen that the logistics industry is an industry with great room for development. The goods are transported, sorted, stored, etc. The equipment used in logistics activities often uses non-standard automation equipment to improve the efficiency of logistics activities.

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