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Maintenance and maintenance of automation equipment

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  The detection and maintenance of automation equipment includes many aspects and many categories, generally including daily maintenance, regular maintenance, regular inspection and precision inspection, equipment lubrication and antifreeze, anti-condensation system maintenance and other processes.

Maintenance and maintenance of automation equipment

  The daily maintenance of equipment is the basic work of equipment maintenance and must be institutionalized and standardized. When the daily maintenance of equipment becomes a normative and regular event, the daily maintenance of equipment will evolve into regular maintenance.

  Periodic inspection is also called regular spot inspection. In addition to using the inspection personnel's facial features, certain inspection tools and instruments are also needed for inspection. Inspection equipment and tools should be checked for accuracy to determine the actual accuracy of the equipment.

  The automation equipment can be tested from the following aspects during production and use:

  1. Check all power, air and hydraulic sources of automation equipment

  The problems of power supply, air supply and hydraulic supply often lead to failure of automation equipment. When testing automation equipment, the power supply of each equipment and the power of the workshop should be included. Air source, including the air pressure source required by pneumatic devices. Hydraulic source, including the working conditions of the hydraulic pump required by the hydraulic device of the automation equipment.

Maintenance and maintenance of automation equipment

  2. Check whether the sensor position of the automation equipment is offset.

  The negligence of equipment maintenance personnel during operation will lead to sensor positioning errors. Technicians should always check the sensing position and sensitivity of the sensor, and if the sensor is found to be damaged, it should be replaced in time.

  The vibration of automation equipment during long-term use can also cause misalignment. Therefore, in daily maintenance, it is necessary to check whether the position of the sensor is correct, fixed and firm.

  3. Check the relay, flow control valve and pressure control valve of the automation equipment

  Relays are the same as magnetic induction sensors, and they will get stuck if they are struck for a long time, so they need to be replaced regularly. In a pneumatic or hydraulic system, the opening of the throttle valve and the pressure adjustment spring of the pressure valve will loosen and slide with the vibration of the equipment.

  4. Check electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic circuit connections

  During the detection process, check whether the circuit wires are short-circuited, check whether the wires in the trunking are broken by the trunking, check whether the air pipe is damaged or creases, check whether the hydraulic oil pipe is blocked, etc. If the air pipe is severely creased, the technician should replace it immediately, and the hydraulic oil pipe should be replaced together.

Maintenance and maintenance of automation equipment

  Regardless of whether the automation equipment is standard or non-standard, the equipment involves many working components and has certain technical thresholds. When the self-inspection cannot eliminate the problem, you should contact the relevant equipment company that purchased the equipment as soon as possible, and arrange for relevant technical personnel to come to check and replace relevant parts.

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