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Efficient and labor-saving automatic blister packaging machine

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  Automatic blister packaging machine, also known as blister sealing packaging machine, is a packaging machine that makes plasticized PVC, PET, PETG, APTT, PP, PE, PS and other thermoplastic materials into various shapes of high-end packaging. It is mainly used for blister packaging of daily necessities, hardware blister packaging, bathroom/sports/automobile and other supplies.

Efficient and labor-saving automatic blister packaging machine

  This process mainly uses high-frequency oscillation to make PVC, PET, PETG and other materials undergo polarization reactions, and achieves the effect of welding and heat sealing under the action of customized molds.

  1. Common production products

  Blister packaging for daily use, plastic packaging for small hardware, plastic packaging for automotive supplies, plastic packaging for electronic products, plastic packaging for food, plastic packaging for cosmetics, plastic packaging for computer peripheral equipment, plastic packaging for toys, plastic packaging for sporting goods , stationery blister packaging, etc.

  2. Machine structure

  The main structure of the blister packaging machine is a single-head 3-6-station design, the oscillating barrel is integrated with the machine head, a turntable system, a panel system, an electric box, a mold, and an automatic reclaiming hand device. The starting device is the main power source, and the welding and receiving adopts pneumatic, reducer, time relay, intermediate relay, travel switch and other electrical appliances to form a fully automatic control system.

Efficient and labor-saving automatic blister packaging machine

  3. Advantages of the machine

  Simple operation: as long as the welding time, heating time, cooling time, automatic rotating table and delay system of the machine are set, the heating system and cooling system will run automatically to complete the heat sealing process;

  Multi-station: 3-6 stations on the working surface, fast packing speed and high production efficiency;

  Heat-sealing effect: The mold is only suitable for sealing the edge of the blister part and the partial packaging of the paper card, without affecting the package, and the blister part and paper card can remain smooth and beautiful.

Efficient and labor-saving automatic blister packaging machine

  4. Operation steps

  Put the formed plastic parts into the mold, then load the required packaging items, cover the paper cover (blister plastic parts); turn the disc table to the corresponding position, trigger the travel switch, and the upper plate will go down and add automatically. pressure, the AC contactor is connected, heating and cooling to the set time, the heat sealing is completed, the upper plate is returned, and the robot arm completes the removal of the finished product; Note: If the material of the blister is PVC, the paper card can be used with ordinary blister oil or environmental protection Use with oil. If the blister shell is made of environmentally friendly materials such as PET, it must be used with the corresponding environmentally friendly oil. Remember not to use ordinary PVC blister oil, otherwise it will not stick well.

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