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Rotary automatic blister packaging machine production line

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  Automatic blister packaging machine is one of the common forms of product packaging and processing, and it is also a favorite packaging method for manufacturers of small products. It can seal the product into a beautiful and transparent coat, and at the same time make the packaged items reveal their characteristics to the greatest extent. and advantages.

Rotary automatic blister packaging machine production line

  Although blister packaging is welcomed by many manufacturers, with the change of production demand, the disadvantages of traditional blister sealing equipment have gradually emerged, such as labor loss, material loss, and simplification of production styles, etc. have become urgent problems to be solved.

  The rotary blister sealing production line is composed of a frame, a turntable worktable and a worktable driving device. The turntable worktable is installed on the frame, and the frame is equipped with a paper card feeding device at intervals along the movement direction of the turntable worktable. The heat sealing device and the finished product taking device, wherein the adjacent paper card placement stations are respectively facing the heating sealing device, after sealing, turn to the finished product taking device, and the remaining working positions are the loading positions.

Rotary automatic blister packaging machine production line

  The rotary blister sealing production line normally uses manual placement of blisters, and the products that need to be packaged can be equipped with automatic product feeding devices according to the degree of regulation, such as lipstick, dry batteries, button batteries and other cylindrical products, which can automatically place paper cards and finished products. materials, other types of products need to be customized or adjusted according to actual specifications.

  The rotary blister sealing production line completes a set of actions in about 5-8 seconds, and the processing efficiency is significantly higher than that of ordinary blister sealing machines. And the rotary blister sealing production line is suitable for various types of output requirements, especially for products with small batches and many specifications, because it has fewer production molds, fast replacement speed, and transparent and beautiful packaging products.

Rotary automatic blister packaging machine production line

  In terms of intelligence, the rotary blister sealing production line is equipped with a man-machine interface operation panel. The workflow and key labels are easy to learn, and the mode can be selected according to the operator's personal operation speed. The location and operation buttons are configured in accordance with the principle of ergonomics, and the heat sealing time, cooling time, intermittent time, planned production volume, rotation speed, etc. can be customized and adjusted according to the actual needs of the manufacturer.

  At present, my country has entered the high-quality development stage of industrial automation. Automation transformation and intelligent upgrading are the unavoidable development directions of production enterprises, and the same is true for the packaging industry. If you want to take the lead in the future market and improve industrial efficiency, technology empowerment is the best choice.

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