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Granule packaging machine, or fully automatic is more popular

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  The development of packaging machinery can be seen in the granule packaging machine. Granule packaging machine packaging weight range generally in twenty grams to three kilograms, used to package a variety of granular materials, the machine efficiency is high, the energy required less. The precision of the machinery is high, occupying a small area, high utilization rate of the site.

Granule packaging machine, or fully automatic is more popular

  Meet the needs of the market, but also each granule packaging machine manufacturers must do, but also in the increasingly fierce competition to win the premise. For the granule packaging machine, it is long past the days when everything was fine as long as it could be packaged. Today's business requires not only metering accuracy, the beauty of the appearance, stability and speed of the machine is the premise for many customers to buy. The direction of development of the granule packaging machine is bound to high, precise and pointed development. The traditional single-chip machine, measuring cup measurement has been less suitable for today's increasingly demanding standards of precision. Today's advanced granule packaging machine is the use of PLC industrial control, weighing module, vacuum, nitrogen filling, etc., many modules can be written and can be seamlessly connected to the computer controller, with good scalability.

  From the machine design, research and development, manufacturing are from the market demand to occupy many markets, because this is the fundamental, the market demand determines the direction of development of the granule packaging machine. The process of product production and the way with the continuous progress of industrial modernization has undergone radical changes, which can be well seen from the birth of the automatic pellet packaging machine and the way it works. Product packaging as an important part of the production process, mechanisation, automation and intelligence is also increasing. Automatic pellet packaging machine to keep up with market demand, continuous technical development and updates, to play a greater role in product packaging. Packaging machinery has tended to automation, intelligent.

  Automatic packaging production line, so that the use of manufacturers can be more efficient and high quality to complete effective packaging and enhance economic efficiency, so the market share is increasingly high. Whether it is the progress of the production process or the improvement of consumer demand for product packaging, which is the same change for packaging machinery and equipment is a positive promotion, the birth of better packaging machinery and equipment under this change. Automatic granule packaging machine as a member of the intelligent, automated equipment, has played an important role in the pharmaceutical, food and other areas of packaging.

Granule packaging machine, or fully automatic is more popular

  The current automatic granule packaging machine using the domestic leading and more mature and reliable technology design and production, bringing together the essence of many years of experience in the field of packaging machinery, the ability to use a variety of composite packaging film rolls for product packaging, very suitable for the majority of Chinese users. As a technologically advanced and stable packaging equipment, the automatic granule packaging machine has outstanding features and advantages: through digital technology measurement and control, packaging accuracy and stability, can display the cumulative weight, the number of packages, easier and faster operation; with automatic setting of control parameters, automatic correction of the drop, over-alarm, fault self-diagnosis and other functions to reduce the loss of materials and packaging materials, and can Automatic storage of data to ensure the continuity of production; wide range of quantitative, high precision, multi-use, high efficiency; humanized design of the equipment, easy to maintain, no pollution; optional automatic hot code, automatic sewing, automatic cutting line and other functions; reserved communication interface, can be used with the upper computer to achieve data communication.

  The workflow of the automatic granule packaging machine can be roughly summarised as follows: "Packaging material - shaped by the film former - cross-sealing heat sealing and typing and tearing - cutting - vertical sealing and heat sealing. -cut off - for longitudinal sealing and heat forming", in this process automatically complete a series of packaging work such as measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, printing batch number, cutting and counting, etc., automatically complete the packaging of granular materials, and therefore widely used in granular drugs It is widely used in the packaging of granular materials such as pharmaceuticals, hardware, furniture fittings, seeds, etc. At the same time, the mechanical part of the tracking micro switch detects the position of the machinery, the signal is sent to the PLC, after the program operation, the PLC output Y6 (positive tracking), Y12 (reverse tracking) to control the tracking motor forward and reverse tracking, the packaging material in the production process of the error timely detection at the same time accurate compensation and correction, to avoid the waste of granule packaging machine packaging materials.

  Detection if the tracking after a predetermined number of times still can not meet the technical requirements, can automatically stop pending inspection to avoid the production of waste products. Automatic granule packaging machine due to the use of frequency conversion speed control, improve the stability and reliability of machine operation, reduce the noise of machine operation, to ensure that the packaging machine high efficiency, low loss, automatic detection and other multi-functional, fully automatic high technology level. With the continuous development of industrialisation, the process and manner of product production has undergone a radical change. Product packaging as an important part of the production process, the degree of mechanization, automation and intelligence is also increasing. Automatic granule packaging machine as a packaging must have equipment, keep up with market demand, continuous technical research and development and product updates, in product packaging to play a greater role.

Granule packaging machine, or fully automatic is more popular

  The era of mechanization is a thing of the past, automation is the current major machinery manufacturers are pursuing. Granule packaging machine manufacturing enterprises should firmly take the road of automation development, the product to a higher level. Packaging equipment in the granular packaging machine, not to follow the pace of others, continuous self-innovation, to have a variety of achievements today. Only the continuous innovation of technology can continue to move forward. Granule packaging machine since the market, has been a continuous innovation, only to seek a better path of development. Today, the development of granule packaging machine gradually crossed into a new field of technology, is the intelligent development.

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