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Classification and scope of application of automatic labeling machines

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  The classification and basic working method of the automatic labeling machine The labeling machine classifies the label material, the shape label object has many types, and there are many varieties, and the label requirements are different. In order to meet the labeling needs of enterprises under different economic conditions, automatic labeling machines have various forms, and labeling machines with different data types have differences in the labeling process and the structure of related working devices.

Classification and scope of application of automatic labeling machines

  The basic process of the automatic labeling machine

  1. Labeling is taken out by the labeling agency to take out the labels from the label box, mainly to ensure that the number of labels continuously meets the design requirements. Label transfer The label will be transferred to the label position, usually during the transfer process, printing codes, gluing and other work are completed. The printing code is to print the date of the enterprise's production activities, product batches, etc. on the label for digitalization.

  2. The adhesive is applied on the back of the label, which is mainly completed by the adhesive application mechanism. Labeling attaches labels to specified locations on a container. Roll and flatten the label pasted on the surface of the container to make it stick further, eliminate defects such as wrinkles and curls, and make the label flat, smooth and firm. The automatic labeling machine is now used by almost every manufacturer A kind of machine, as an indispensable machine in the production process, the labeling machine also has different models according to different applications, such as labeling machine, adhesive labeling machine) and hot-melt adhesive labeling machine.

Classification and scope of application of automatic labeling machines

  Scope of application of automatic labeling machine

  1. The flat labeling machine is to realize the arc surface of the workpiece through the plane, the label and the film, such as boxes, books, plastic product shells, etc. There are two methods of rolling and suction, which can be mainly based on work efficiency, Precision and bubble techniques require students to make analytical choices.

  2. The labeling machine can stick labels or paste films on the peripheral surfaces of cylindrical and conical products such as glass bottles and plastic bottles, and can realize the functions of semicircular, double-sided and circular positioning labeling machines. There are mainly two ways of vertical labeling and horizontal labeling.

  3. The side-type labeling machine realizes side plane, arc surface labeling or film sticking on the workpiece, such as cosmetic flat bottles, square boxes, etc., and can be equipped with labeling equipment, and can also realize round bottle labeling.

Classification and scope of application of automatic labeling machines

  The above is the classification and scope of application of labeling machines. The scope of application of different types of labeling machines is different. When choosing a labeling machine, choose the appropriate labeling machine product according to your needs.

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