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How to improve the production efficiency of automatic labeling machine

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  The purpose of enterprises purchasing automatic labeling machine equipment is to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and reduce error rates. In actual use, the equipment also needs maintenance and maintenance in order to give full play to its performance and work better. In addition to reading the instructions, the correct use of the equipment in strict accordance with the requirements can ensure the stable operation of the equipment, enable it to function better, prolong its service life, and understand the maintenance skills of the labeling machine are equally important.

How to improve the production efficiency of automatic labeling machine

  There are many types of labeling machines, and the application ranges of different labeling machines are also different:

  1. Flat labeling machine, which can realize labeling and film sticking of products on flat and arc surfaces, such as cosmetic boxes, plastic bottles, etc.

  2. The round bottle labeling machine is mainly suitable for labeling the circumferential surface of cylinders and cones, such as medicine bottles and plastic bottles.

  3. The side labeling machine is mainly suitable for labeling side planes and side arc surfaces, such as flat bottles, square boxes and other products.

  4. The assembly line labeling head machine is mainly used for labeling, assembly and labeling of film bags in packaging, food, toys, daily chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries.

How to improve the production efficiency of automatic labeling machine

  Maintenance methods for labeling machines to improve production efficiency:

  1. Clean, the automatic labeling machine must pay attention to cleaning in the usual maintenance work. The equipment will inhale dust during operation, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. If the equipment is temporarily idle, unplug the power supply and cover it with a dustproof cloth to avoid dust. Similarly, the high-temperature zone also needs regular decontamination work, only in this way can the performance of the labeling machine be brought into play and the high-quality operation of the labeling machine can be guaranteed.

  2. Maintenance. After the labeling machine has been working for a period of time, especially remember to apply lubricating oil to key parts and do a good job of maintenance. There are many large and small parts in the labeling machine, such as gears, bearings, gearboxes, etc. Parts will rust or wear out after a period of use. Therefore, under normal circumstances, when the machine has been running for more than 48 hours, it should be coated with lubricating oil and maintained.

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