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Pipette automatic production line - what is a pipette and precautions for use

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  GST biomedical experimental consumables pipette automatic production line manufacturers first talk about what is a pipette! Pipette is a glass measuring instrument often used in inspection and testing. Above and below the shape are thinner necks, the lower neck is pointed, and the upper neck is engraved with a ring scale. Pipettes are used for precise transfer of a certain volume of solution.

Pipette automatic production line - what is a pipette and precautions for use

  Tips for using the pipette

  1. When using, the pipette should be washed first, drained naturally, and rinsed with the solution to be measured for 3 times.

  2. Then use the thumb and middle finger of the right hand to pinch the place above the marking line on the neck of the tube, insert the pipette about 1cm below the liquid surface of the test product solution, and do not extend too much, so as to avoid too much solution sticking to the outer wall of the tube tip. It should not be extended too little, so as not to suck the air after the liquid level drops. At this time, take a rubber suction ball (usually 60mL ear wash ball) in your left hand to gently suck up the solution, and pay attention to the position of the rising liquid level with your eyes. The pipette should drop as the liquid level in the container drops. When it is about 1cm above the scale mark, quickly block the mouth of the pipette with your right index finger, take out the pipette, dry the outer wall of the lower end of the pipette with a filter paper strip, and make it perpendicular to the ground, slightly loosen your right index finger to make the liquid level slow down. Slowly descend, at this time, the line of sight should be looked at the marking line until the meniscus is tangent to the marking line, and immediately press the index finger tightly to prevent the liquid from flowing out, and make the tip of the outlet contact the outer wall of the container to remove the residual solution outside the tip.

  3. Then move the pipette into the container ready to receive the solution, make its outlet tip contact the wall of the container, tilt the container slightly, and make the pipette stand upright, then relax the right index finger, so that the solution flows down the wall freely, wait for the solution After stopping the outflow, generally wait 15 seconds to take it out.

  4. Note that there is still a drop of liquid on the tip of the pipette at this time, do not blow it out.

Pipette automatic production line - what is a pipette and precautions for use

  Precautions for pipette use

  1. Pipettes (pipettes) should not be dried in an oven.

  2. The pipette (pipettor) cannot pipette a solution that is too hot or too cold.

  3. The same pipette should be used as far as possible in the same experiment.

  4. After the pipette is raised from the liquid surface, use filter paper to wipe off the liquid on the outer wall of the pipette;

  5. When looking at the scale, the scale of the pipette should be parallel to the eyes, and the lowermost meniscus shall prevail.

  6. After the pipette is used, it should be rinsed with tap water and distilled water immediately, and placed on the pipette rack.

  7. When using a pipette, in order to reduce the measurement error, each time the uppermost scale (0 scale) should be used as the starting point, and the required volume of solution should be released downward instead of absorbing as much volume as needed.

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