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Daily maintenance of mask filling machine

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  In the daily use of the mask filling machine, it is necessary for the staff to do a good job of maintenance. This can be carried out in accordance with the maintenance manual and procedures of the mask filling machine manufacturer, and strictly implemented in accordance with the specified cycle, so as to reduce the Slow down the wear speed of parts and eliminate all kinds of failure problems. Today I will introduce how to carry out daily maintenance on the mask filling machine.

Daily maintenance of mask filling machine

  The maintenance of the mask filling machine can be divided into regular maintenance, routine maintenance, and special maintenance, such as regular maintenance, which is divided into first-level maintenance, second-level maintenance, and third-level maintenance; routine maintenance and special maintenance, special maintenance It is also divided into out-of-service maintenance and seasonal maintenance, as follows:

  Routine maintenance is mainly to do cleaning, lubrication, fastening and inspection. It is carried out during and after the work of the mask filling machine, but it must be carried out according to the requirements. Regular maintenance, that is, one, two, Three levels of maintenance.

  The first-level maintenance is carried out on the basis of routine maintenance, mainly cleaning, tightening, lubricating and checking various parts.

Daily maintenance of mask filling machine

  Secondary maintenance is mainly about adjustment and inspection, mainly checking important parts;

  The focus of the three-level maintenance is not only adjustment and inspection, but also troubleshooting of the mask filling machine. It is necessary to check and diagnose the parts that affect the use of the mask filling machine and have faults, and then carry out maintenance work.

  Out of service maintenance refers to the maintenance work when the mask filling machine is not in use. For example, in winter, it is necessary to do cleaning, beauty, anti-corrosion and other work at this time. Seasonal maintenance refers to entering summer and winter. , to inspect and repair the various systems of the mask filling machine.

Daily maintenance of mask filling machine

  Whether it is routine maintenance or regular maintenance, it is necessary to operate according to the regulations, and deal with the failures in a timely manner. Do not let the mask filling machines work with failures, so as to prolong their service life.

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