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What is an automated production line?

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  The automatic production line is a form of production organization in which the automated machine system realizes the product process. It is formed on the basis of the further development of the continuous assembly line.

What is an automated production line?

  1. Features

  The processing object is automatically transferred from one machine tool to another machine tool, and the machine tool automatically performs processing, loading and unloading, inspection, etc.; the worker's task is only to adjust, supervise and manage the automatic line, and does not participate in direct operation; Unified beat operation, the production process is highly continuous.

  2. Composition

  Automation consists of machine tools, manipulators, fixtures, and tools. As an auxiliary link of the manufacturing system, automation plays a vital role in improving the overall efficiency of the manufacturing system, improving process safety, improving product quality, reducing labor intensity of workers, and achieving the lowest unit cost in the future.

What is an automated production line?

  3. Why use automation?

  Cost reduction: to cope with the pressure of rising labor costs; to solve the "difficulty in recruiting": to solve the "difficulty in recruitment" that is common in the manufacturing industry; to improve efficiency: to continuously improve and maintain high production efficiency; to stabilize quality: to eliminate the interference of human factors on product quality ;Competitive advantage: to obtain a dominant position in market competition as soon as possible; Government support: to respond to the national strategy and strive for government support funds.

  Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, transportation, commerce, medical care, services and households. The use of automatic production lines greatly improves labor productivity and enhances the ability of human beings to understand and transform the world.

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