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How to choose pipette tips for biological laboratory medical consumables?

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  The performance and accuracy of any pipette in the medical consumables of the biological laboratory can be seriously affected by the use of poor quality or unsuitable tips. Pipettes and pipette tips as a system can only ensure accurate transfer and delivery of liquids if they are matched to each other. After mastering the correct pipetting technique and matching the recommended tips, the accuracy of pipetting can be guaranteed.

How to choose pipette tips for biological laboratory medical consumables?

  Generally divided into: bagged tips, boxed tips, low adsorption tips, filter tips, automatic tips, etc.

  1. Standard Tips VS. Filter Tips

  Low retention tips have two main advantages over standard polypropylene tips. First, they help to maximize the expulsion of sample liquid from the tip, regardless of the composition or physical properties of the liquid. This means that viscous liquids and other stubborn liquids, such as those with reduced surface tension, will be dispensed optimally.

  Second, for laboratories that routinely pipet a series of different sample liquids, the low carryover surface "normalizes" the movement of liquid into and out of the tip. This means that the precision of pipetting liquids with different compositions and physical properties is adjusted to maintain greater uniformity when routinely using a variety of different liquids with different physical properties in a specific laboratory environment.

How to choose pipette tips for biological laboratory medical consumables?

  2. Standard tips VS. Low retention tips

  Extended tips are much longer and slightly narrower than standard tips. These are designed to provide additional "reach" when pipetting and are recommended for extracting samples from certain tall and narrow containers, such as tubes and vials, where standard length tips cannot reach them.

  3. Standard tip VS. Extended tip

  The packaging forms of suction tips mainly include bags and boxes. In a relatively mature market, box packaging accounts for the majority; in China, bag packaging is currently the absolute mainstream—mainly bag packaging is cheap. The so-called bagging means that the tips are packed in plastic ziplock bags, 500 or 1000 per bag (the number of large-range tips per bag will be much less).

How to choose pipette tips for biological laboratory medical consumables?

  Most users will buy the tips in bags, and then manually put the tips into the tip box. Although China's labor is relatively cheap, it also increases the chance of contaminating the tips! In addition, in recent years, a new form of packaging has emerged, which is refill packs (8 or 10 plates of tips stacked in a tower shape, which can Quickly load the tips into the tip box without touching the tips).

  This type of tip requires less storage space and significantly reduces the use of plastic, thereby achieving the purpose of environmental protection. Although the share of this form in the country is still very small, it must be the general trend in the long run.

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