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Printing elements of automatic screen printing machine

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  The screen printing process of the automatic screen printing machine is that the ink leaks on the substrate after passing through part of the mesh of the screen, and the rest of the mesh of the screen is blocked, and the ink cannot penetrate. The ink is poured on the screen during printing, and the ink will not leak through the mesh to the substrate without external force, but when the scraper scrapes the ink with a certain pressure and inclination angle, it will transfer through the screen To the following substrates to achieve image replication.

Printing elements of automatic screen printing machine

  Printing elements of automatic screen printing machine:

  1. Silk screen printing plate

  Three methods can be used to make the screen plate of the screen printing machine: direct coating method, direct film pasting method, and indirect film pasting method. According to the type of substrate, important parameters such as screen tension, screen mesh number, plate film thickness, and screen frame size should be fully considered during the plate making process. Choose water-based or oil-based photosensitive glue according to the type of ink.

  2. Screen printing ink

  Screen printing machines can use solvent-based screen printing inks, UV screen printing inks and various functional pastes. Screen printing inks should be selected and tested according to the material of the substrate.

Printing elements of automatic screen printing machine

  3. Screen printing squeegee

  The screen printing squeegee is the pressure source of the screen printing machine, which plays the role of transferring and pressing ink leakage. Flat substrates usually use a squeegee with a rectangular cross-section, curved substrates usually use a triangular squeegee, CD discs can consider special squeegees, use a softer squeegee for rough surfaces, and use a harder one for smooth surfaces. Squeegee.

  4. Fixtures

  Fixtures with good stability and uniformity must be made to ensure the accuracy of overprinting and the consistency of positions. The tangent plane at the highest point of the plane fixture is parallel to the screen plane, and the curved surface fixture requires that the diameter of the transmission gear index circle at the shaft end is equal to the diameter of the circular surface of the substrate.

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