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Automatic packaging machine - three methods of use of the sealing machine

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  The automatic carton sealing machine is mainly suitable for carton sealing and packaging. It can be used alone or in conjunction with an assembly line. It can be used in conjunction with carton forming and unpacking machines, carton cartoning machines, labeling machines, balers, palletizers, etc. Machines, conveyors and other equipment to form a packaging line.

Automatic packaging machine - three methods of use of the sealing machine

  There are three ways to use the sealing machine:

  1. It is used together with a straight box sealer to form an I-shaped box sealer.

  This is a traditional and common usage. This combination can seal the carton into an I-shape, and the sealing effect is good. It is a common combination in the enterprise.

  2. Stand-alone use

  This kind of usage is not very common, because most of the cartons used in China are folded in half up and down, but it is different in foreign countries. Many foreign cartons have the top cover opened to pick up things, you only need to glue the two sides of the carton together. In this case, only one case sealer is needed to get the job done.

Automatic packaging machine - three methods of use of the sealing machine

  3. Combined with the unboxing machine.

  This is also a relatively new method of use. We all know that the carton unpacking machine directly glues the bottom of the carton when unpacking. Therefore, in order to ensure that the carton is more fixed before loading, some companies directly connect the corner sealing machine to the back of the unpacking machine, and then directly seal the corners of the bottom of the carton after opening the carton, which fully ensures the stability of the carton.

  The above are the three ways to use the carton sealer. The automatic carton sealer is light, durable and easy to operate; it is used for side belt drive of narrower cartons; it is used for upper and lower belt drives of taller cartons; the sealing machine saves labor and reduces carton unsealing frequency. It can be equipped with a folding cover sealing machine for connected use, and a semi-automatic sealing machine can be selected for single use.

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