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Common problems and maintenance of automatic sealing machine

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  The case sealing machine is one of the indispensable packaging machines in the post-packaging equipment of the enterprise. Guanshentai automatic case sealing machine can realize automatic conveying and automatic tape sealing. It can be used alone or with an automated conveyor line. Saving manpower helps companies save unnecessary expenses, and let the machine help companies improve work efficiency quickly, quickly and safely. Some minor faults will inevitably occur in daily use, and the sealing machine is no exception. Guanshentai will introduce it to you below. What are the common problems of automatic sealing machine and simple maintenance methods:

Common problems and maintenance of automatic sealing machine

  How to troubleshoot the automatic sealing machine:

  1. The clamping action of the sealing machine is too slow or the stroke of the clamping nail is insufficient: the bolt is loose, the front buckle or the inner plate of the trigger is worn. At this point, the bolts can be tightened, paying attention to the correct position of the front buckle shaft. You can also replace the front buckle or the inner part of the trigger. After completing the above actions, test its function. If the stroke is too short, fine-tune the front buckle shaft upwards, and if the movement is slow, fine-tune the front buckle shaft downwards.

  2. Air leakage at the piston rod: the bottom ring of the main body is damaged. The ring should be replaced at this point.

  3. Air leakage at the exhaust port: the switch valve ring or switch seat ring is damaged or the piston ring is damaged. Replace the ring.

  4. Air leakage at the trigger: the switch valve ring or switch seat ring is damaged. Replace the ring.

  5. The transmission ring is loose and cannot be positioned: the plastic steel strip and the transmission spring are inelastic. Remove the trigger assembly, and reinstall the spring pin or replace the plastic steel bar and the transmission spring.

Common problems and maintenance of automatic sealing machine

  Maintenance problems of automatic box sealing machine:

  1. Regularly replace the lubricating oil in the worm gear reducer of the sealing machine. The lubricating oil can be No. 10, No. 20 or No. 30 engine oil.

  2. If the chain is too loose during use, you can adjust it by removing a few sections first. If the chain is seriously too long, you need to contact after-sales service personnel for professional maintenance.

  3. After the repair is completed, restart the operation again to observe whether the machine is working normally, heat the roller properly, and do not be impatient.

  4. Regularly disassemble and clean all rolling bearings, and add new grease.

  5. Regularly remove the dirt on all friction surfaces, clean the chain and sprockets regularly, and refill with lubricating oil.

  6. Remember to disconnect the power supply during maintenance and maintenance to avoid dangerous situations.

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