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Detailed introduction of culture bottle automatic welding leak tester

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  The ultrasonic plastic welding machine of GST culture bottle automatic welding leak tester manufacturer is composed of pneumatic transmission system, control system, ultrasonic generator, transducer, tool head and mechanical device.

Detailed introduction of culture bottle automatic welding leak tester

  1. Pneumatic transmission system

  Including: filter, pressure reducing valve, lubricator, commutator, throttle valve, cylinder, etc. When working, the stroke cylinder is first driven by the air compressor to drive the vibration system of the ultrasonic transducer to move up and down. The dynamic air pressure is adjusted according to the welding needs in the middle and small power ultrasonic welding.

  2. Control system

  The control system consists of time relays or integrated circuit time timers.

  The main functions are: one is to control the work of the pneumatic transmission system, so that the air valve is opened under timing control during welding, the cylinder is pressurized to lower the welding head, and the object to be welded is pressed with a certain pressure, and the pressure is maintained for a period of time after welding , and then the control system reverses the gas path valve to make the welding head rise back and reset; the second is to control the working time of the ultrasonic generator. This system automates the entire welding process. When operating, only the start button generates a trigger pulse, and it can be automatically completed In this whole welding process. The sequence of the entire control system is: power supply start-trigger control signal pneumatic transmission system, the cylinder pressurizes the welding head to descend and press the welding head to trigger the ultrasonic generator to work, emit ultrasonic waves and maintain a certain welding time to remove the ultrasonic emission and continue to maintain a certain pressure time to back off the pressure , the welding head picks up and the welding ends.

Detailed introduction of culture bottle automatic welding leak tester

  3. Ultrasonic generator

  For ultrasonic plastic welding machines with higher power, the generator signal adopts a phase-locked frequency automatic tracking circuit, so that the frequency output by the generator is basically consistent with the resonant frequency of the transducer. The generator used in the ultrasonic plastic welding machine with a power above 500W adopts a self-excited power oscillator, which also has a certain frequency tracking ability.

  4. Acoustic system used by ultrasonic plastic welding machine

  Transducer: The acoustic system for ultrasonic plastic welding machine consists of three parts: driving part; fixed part; working part. Among the above three components, the drive is the core, and a bolt-clamped longitudinal vibration transducer is generally used, in which the half-wavelength longitudinal vibrator is connected to the quarter-wavelength longitudinal vibrator, and the half-wavelength longitudinal vibrator is connected to the half-wavelength energy concentrator. The connection forms a full-wavelength plastic welding transducer, and the quarter-wavelength longitudinal oscillator is connected with the quarter-wavelength concentrator to form a half-wavelength transducer.

  Tool head: Different tool heads are required for different welding objects. Whether it is near-field welding or transmission welding, only half-wavelength tool heads can make the welding end face reach the maximum amplitude. There are two types of tool heads with amplitude amplification and without amplitude amplification. The acoustic system tool head for plastic welding machines is usually made of aluminum alloy, and its end surface is plated with hard alloy. It is also made of titanium alloy material when the power is large. As a result, the fatigue strength of this material is more than twice that of aluminum alloy.

Detailed introduction of culture bottle automatic welding leak tester

  5. Model and specification of ultrasonic plastic welding machine

  Ultrasonic plastic welding machines have different welding sizes and specifications due to different use occasions and welding materials. Its output power ranges from tens of watts of manual welding machine to several kilowatts of mainframe, and the frequency is generally in the range of 15KHz to 40KHz.

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