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The composition of the automatic assembly machine

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  Automatic assembly machine In layman's terms, assembly refers to the combination of several parts of the product through tight fit, buckle, screw connection, bonding, riveting and welding to obtain a finished product that meets the predetermined dimensional accuracy and function ( semi-finished products). Strictly speaking, the assembly realized by manual processing (touching, sorting, grabbing, moving, placing, applying force, etc.) of each component can only be called manual assembly. Assembly that does not require manual handling of components can be called automatic assembly. In between is semi-automatic assembly. The following briefly introduces the composition of automatic assembly, as follows:

The composition of the automatic assembly machine

  1. Orientation arrangement, transportation, and escapement system of parts: Automatically orientate and arrange the messy parts according to the spatial orientation that is convenient for automatic processing by the machine, and then smoothly transport them to the subsequent escapement mechanism to prepare for the subsequent grabbing of the manipulator.

  2. Grab-Shift-Place Mechanism: Grasp or vacuum the parts (parts) positioned by the escapement mechanism, and then move to another position (usually the assembly work position).

  3. Assembly mechanism: refers to the mechanism used to complete the main action of assembly work, such as pressing, clamping, screwing, clamping, gluing, welding and riveting the workpiece to the previous part.

  4. Inspection mechanism: It is used to inspect the parts assembled in the previous step or the work results of the machine in the previous step, such as missing parts inspection, size inspection, defect inspection, function inspection and material cleaning inspection.

The composition of the automatic assembly machine

  5. The take-out mechanism of the workpiece: the mechanism used to sort out the assembled qualified parts and unqualified parts from the machine.

  Transmission structure of automatic assembly machine

  1. According to the flow time continuity of the assembled workpiece in the machine, there are gap motion assembly machines and continuous motion assembly machines.

  2. According to the number of working positions in the assembly machine, there are single-station assembly machines and multi-station assembly machines.

  3. According to the transmission track of the workpiece in the assembly machine, there are linear rotary table assembly machines and U-shaped rotary table assembly machines.

The composition of the automatic assembly machine

  The control system of the automatic assembly machine: PLC control is usually adopted, and the PLC needs to receive the input of various signals and issue instructions to each actuator. The machine is equipped with a variety of sensors and other signal collectors to monitor the operation of each actuator in the machine, and issue the next step of execution instructions after judgment. The man-machine interface is used to display the operation status and operation record of the machine, and is used to send instructions to the machine by the operator.

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