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Automatic blister packaging machine for health food

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  At present, the automatic blister packaging machine popularly used in health food and medicine is a common solid medicine packaging form, which has developed rapidly in our country. Because this kind of packaging has the characteristics of long storage period and convenient carrying, it is more and more popular among pharmaceutical companies and consumers. Welcomed by consumers, it is gradually replacing traditional glass bottle packaging and bulk packaging, and has become the mainstream of solid pharmaceutical packaging.

Automatic blister packaging machine for health food

  1. Advantages of automatic blister packaging machine

  Blister packaging is to first form a transparent plastic hard sheet, then fill the solid medicine and health food such as tablets, pills or granules, capsules in the groove, and then heat and bond with the aluminum foil coated with adhesive. Together, form an independent airtight package. This kind of packaging is one of the flexible packaging forms that are widely used in the health food production industry and the pharmaceutical industry and are developing rapidly.

  At present, many domestic solid medicines in my country are still packaged in glass bottles. Although they can protect against light, moisture and oxidation, the packaging capacity is large and the technology content is not high. For special health products and medicines with high requirements, this traditional packaging form cannot effectively prevent deliquescence and mildew of medicines, which is also an important reason why large-capacity brown glass bottle packaging is rapidly withdrawing from this field in recent years.

  Compared with bottled packaging, the biggest advantage of blister packaging is that it is easy to carry, which can reduce the pollution caused by health care products and medicines during carrying and taking. There are also clear advantages in dosing accuracy and extending the shelf life of medicines.

  Another advantage of blister packaging is that the fully automatic sealing process maximizes the safety of the packaging. The automatic blister packaging machine includes blister forming, drug filling, sealing, outer packaging carton forming, instruction folding and insertion, blister board loading and carton sealing, and the whole process is completed at one time. Health and Safety. In addition to the high degree of automation, advanced models also have a number of safety detection devices, including the identification and detection of packaging boxes and instructions, which can greatly improve safety and sanitation, and effectively reduce the mispacking of health care products and medicines.

Automatic blister packaging machine for health food

  2. Material selection determines the advantages of automatic blister packaging machines

  The good barrier performance of blister packaging is due to its choice of raw material aluminum foil and plastic hard sheet. Aluminum foil has a highly dense metal crystal structure and has good barrier and light-shielding properties; plastic hard sheets must have sufficient barrier properties to oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor, high transparency and mechanical strength that is not easy to crack. At present, the most commonly used medical blister packaging materials are PVC sheets and PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride).

  PVC has good compatibility, easy to form and seal, low price, transparency, barrier and mechanical strength can basically meet the requirements of pharmaceutical packaging, but the ability to block water vapor and thermal stability are poor, and the requirements for moisture resistance are higher Products, PVC is not satisfactory.

  PVDC has high molecular density, regular structure, high crystallinity and transparency, and good durability. PVDC film is currently a film with the best barrier performance. The oxygen barrier property of PVDC film with the same thickness is 1500 times that of PE and PP. It is 100 times that of PET, and its barrier performance to water vapor is also higher than that of PVC, which is an ideal material for blister packaging. Multi-layer composite hard film made of PVDC and other film materials composited or coated, such as PVC/PVDC, BOPP/PVDC, PVC/PVDC/PE, PVDC/OPP/PE, etc., oxygen permeability, moisture permeability and moisture resistance The resistance and barrier properties are significantly higher than those of a single material film, and the advantages of multiple materials are combined to provide a high-quality and low-cost choice for blister packaging.

Automatic blister packaging machine for health food

  Another material for blister packaging is vacuum aluminized film, which is a film in which aluminum vapor is deposited on the base film in a high vacuum state. Currently, PET, CPP, PVC, OPP, PE, etc. are widely used as The vacuum aluminized film of the base film, in addition to the characteristics of the original base film, the aluminized film also has beautiful decoration and better barrier properties. A few tenths or even one percent of the blister packaging materials is also one of the key development directions for blister packaging materials in the future.

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